Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday Funnies

Happy Friday!
Here are some cute funnies to make your day awesome.

Monday, February 2, 2015

My Super Bowl Weekend

Happy Monday! 
I hope you all had a great weekend.
Mine was pretty low key.

Friday Zach and I hung out with our friend Bridgette. I learned all about the writer's group she's in. She does a role for Bloodied Marvel. I kind of wonder what it would be like to be apart of one.

Saturday I got my hair cut, then I spent most of the day relaxing until we went to my mother-in-law's house to visit.
I wish I would have had a better before selfie of my hair, but I cut about 5 inches off and it's no longer layered.

Sunday we went to my father-in-law's house for pizza for his birthday. His birthday is Wednesday and I found out he is going to be 60 this year. The man does not look 60.
I also learned how to play Sequence while we were there. 
We played in 3 teams, and Zach and one of our nephews won. It was a fun game and I think we need to add it to our game collection.

We left there around 5 and got home in plenty of time for the Super Bowl. 
I wasn't really interested in the game, all I wanted to see was the commercials and Katy Perry.
A lot of the commercials got me in the feels and Katy Perry was awesome!!
The game was disappointing. I was kind of rooting for the Seahawks, but their last play? What was that? Crazy. And a little ridiculous.

Were you rooting for the Patriots or the Seahawks?

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Never go to bed angry

Some of the best advice I ever received during our engagement or from wedding cards was: 
Never go to bed angry.

I never like to go to bed when I'm upset anyway, but last night that's all I wanted to do.
And if it wasn't for my amazing husband, I probably would have.
He forced me to talk about what was bothering me and by the end of the conversation, we were laughing. I'm so glad we talked everything out, because when I woke up this morning I wasn't upset or angry.

Last night got me thinking about how lucky I am.
I have Zach as my husband.
He pushes me beyond my limits because he knows I can do it.
He loves me for who I am, good, bad or ugly.
He makes me laugh on a daily basis.
He indulges me when I want to do a selfie.
And I love him beyond words.

The day we booked our venues for our wedding.
Zach is absolutely amazing and I thank God everyday for him.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Random Monday

Happy Monday!
I went to sleep last night to snow covering everything and woke up to the same thing, but plows have plowed our lots. 

I don't think we got more than a couple inches, but I'm glad I didn't have to be on my way to work at 7 this morning. With my later shift I don't have to be at work until 11, so hopefully the roads are fine when I leave, because I really do not like driving in bad weather! And I'm probably not the only one. 

Anyway, I'm not really sure where this post is going, but whatevs.
I hope you all have a great Monday, a great week, and if you have bad weather, stay safe!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Oh, Weekends

Who does weekend recaps on their blog? I do, that's who.
Who also had a good weekend? I did.

Friday night Zach and I hung out with our friend Bridgette and she convinced our friend Ted to hang out too!!
We went to Logan's for dinner, then came back and played games. 
Rockstar Life, anyone?
It was a fun night and we were up well past midnight.

Saturday I spent most of the day watching my brother kick butt on the wrestling mat.
He won 3rd place for his weight class and I got a sore butt from sitting on those bleachers all day.

Sunday was a lazy day.
I did laundry, cleaned up a little around the apartment, and watched a lot of movies.
I started the Insanity workout, but I was only able to get through the fit test.

And I got some practice on one of my goals for the year.
I'm not sure what it's going to be, but it's just nice to practice my crochet skills.

Today I start my new shift at work and I'm kind of excited about it. It's later in the day, but I don't care. I get to sleep in, and since Zach is a night owl, I get to spend more time with him.

How was your weekend?

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