Thursday, April 21, 2011

Work Week

I've decided I'm going to do posts at the end of the work week and at the end of the weekend. So here goes my first work week post...

Tomorrow is Good Friday and the credit union is closed so the work week ended today. Since I'm currently taking classes, my schedule is pretty regular when it comes to work and school:
Monday: Work 9am - 5pm, Class 6pm - 8:45pm
Tuesday: Work 9am - 11:30am, Class 12:30pm - 1:45pm, Work 2:30pm - 5pm
Wednesday: Work 9am - 5pm
Thursday: Work 9am - 11:30am, Class 12:30pm - 1:45pm and 6pm - 8:45pm
Friday: Work 10am - 5:45pm

Tuesday evening was nice and relaxing. Zach and I met up with some friends at South Park Tavern and ate some delicious pizza. While there I got a text from a coworker, who is opening a coffee shop, to come see the coffee shop. It looks really good! If you're interested here is the link to his Facebook page: . This is usually my coffee night with a few friends, but I forgot about it this week and by the time I got home, I was running late and I still had a lot of homework that needed done.

Wednesday I got my hair trimmed. It hasn't been cut since December so I figured it was time for at least a trim. I went to Books & Co. with the family and bought 2 new books which I'm really excited to read, if I had the time. Hopefully Summer doesn't take too long to get here... :)

Today between classes Zach and I went to TJ Maxx and had lunch. I found 2 shirts at TJ Maxx, one of which goes with a new skirt I just bought for my cousin's wedding in 2 weeks. So yay! We went to Steak n Shake for lunch and it was delicious!

Now that I've bored you to death, I'm going to leave you with this: "No matter where you go, that's where you'll be."


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