Monday, May 23, 2011

Life As of Now...

First off, I would like you all to join me in sending prayers to the victims of the storms that hit Missouri last night. I know it’s not much, but I’m sure they could use a little faith.

Second, I’m happy to announce that I have finally found a background and header that I really like!! I think I’ll keep this one around for awhile. I’m still working on the header, so it’s not up yet, but hopefully it will be by the end of the night.

Third, I feel I need to tell you all about what’s been going on in life outside of blogging…

Last Thursday, Love and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary. 3 years! I know that’s really not that long, but that’s a lot for me. We’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that we’re going to get married some day. As for when, you’ll have to take that up with him. The only thing I know for sure is that engagement might or might not happen this year. And I’m okay with that.

This past Saturday, I helped BFF move into her new house. We were able to get everything moved in one load. It took about 4 hours to get the Uhaul loaded, moved, and unloaded, which was nice. She had her furniture delivered to the new house when she bought it, so the only real furniture we had to move were her and her daughter’s beds and dressers and a curio cabinet. The rest of her things were packed in boxes. The house is really nice and since the new furniture was already arranged, it looked like she had been there longer than just Saturday. I’m happy for her. She worked so hard for this and she’s enjoying every minute of it.

Yesterday was a lazy day. I didn’t do much of anything except some homework. Parents went to the store and bought painting supplies and other things, and started painting the family room. The walls of the room are paneling and it makes it look dark. They bought a light beige color to put on the wall and painted the first coat. The room looks so much brighter and bigger! The color looks really nice and once it’s finished the whole room will look better. Maybe before and after pictures to come? We shall see.

Today is Monday, which starts a whole new week of life and blogging, and everything in between. I’m excited for this coming weekend because Goddaughter is turning 2, it’s Memorial Day weekend, which means 3 day weekend for me, and its one week closer to graduating!! YAY!!

Finally, I leave you with this: The prettiest thing you can wear is a smile. :)


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