Sunday, July 3, 2011

What do you mean Dad is winning? He always wins.

We had a family Monopoly night. It was fun, and kind of early in the game, everyone knew Dad was going to win, like always. As the game goes on, Dad's win becomes more and more apparent: he's buying monopolies, earning rent, buying houses, earning more rent, etc, etc, etc. Love was over and he was just watching all of us and he had us pegged on who was going to go bankrupt 1st, 2nd, and so on.

His original list goes:
1. Bub
2. Me
3. Sister
4. Stepmom
5. Dad

After Love left, we continued our game of course and things took a different turn than expected. Trades started happening and other people were gaining monopolies, buying houses, earning tons of rent, etc. Love's list was wrong.

The actual list:
1. Stepmom - bankrupted by Sister
2. Me - bankrupted by Bub
3. Dad - bankrupted by Bub
4. ?
5. ?

Sister and Bub are battling it out, but the game is on hold until tomorrow. Tonight has been an interesting and fun night, and when Bub and Sister finish the game tomorrow, I will update you on the results. :)



Tricia said...

So in my house monopoly always ended up in tears and we never finished a full game. I'm impressed by your family's perseverance!

Faith Brackman said...

I gotta know who wins!!! (Bub, of course) lol I'm kinda jealous that I wasn't there.