Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Baby Boy

Let me introduce my baby boy.

His name is Shadow.

He is a domestic longhair, all black (with 2 white spots on his belly) kitty.

Isn't he cute?

I got him right after I graduated high school. He was born May 25, 2005 in a litter of black and orange kitties. His mommy was orange, and apparently a black kitty got her pregnant. He was part of a 6 kitten litter, and by the looks of him now, you would never know he was the runt. I was immediately drawn to him because of him being the runt, but also because his fur was so long.

The mommy belonged to my grandma's old neighbor. They had a sign that said free kittens, and my grandma said that she would get me one as part of my graduation present. We went over and looked at them and I was smitten. At that time, the kittens weren't old enough to be taken from their mommy, so I couldn't take him home then. When they were old enough, my grandma got him and kept him at her house. My dad wouldn't let me bring him home until he was declawed and neutered. So, at a mere 5 months old, my grandma found a vet that did both at once and I was finally able to bring him home.

This was him when he lived with my grandma:
Isn't he cute that little?!?

He's also an outside kitty.

Some of his nicknames include:
Pretty Kitty
Baby Boy
Baby Kitty
And there are random other ones that the family call him, but above is what I call him.

This is the first picture of me and my furbaby when he was just a kitten:

He's such a cuddle kitty also, and I just love him. :)


jillian m. said...

What a sweetie! He is adorable. I love the way he looks at the camera in the first few shots.

Tricia said...

Nice to meet your little bundle of fur!

Sunny & Star said...

Shadow is adorable. I am going to have to post pics of my cat soon.

Anonymous said...

He is so adorable! I love black cats :) He looks like a little panther in his outdoor photo! ;)

Seek First said...

so cute!

I have a fun rosette giveaway that ends today--you should enter!