Monday, August 1, 2011

My Name Is...

Good morning lovely blog readers! I trust y’all slept well? And if not, then hopefully you can sleep well tonight.

Today, I’ve decided to join a link up called
The Name Game

If you want to participate, click the button and read all about it. :)

The name of my blog not a traditional storyteller was something I came up with out of the blue. When I first started it, I just had Jessica’s Storyteller, but I didn’t want my name in my blog title. So I did some research and came across this from a quote somewhere. Since I liked the storyteller theme, I made that my blog title and have since created my blog around that theme. See? My followers are my listeners, my tabs are stories, and my profile link is the storyteller. I really like it, and I haven’t seen anyone else use this type of theme.

My subtitle, the story of my life, was created because this blog really is the story of my life. With my blog I’m telling a story each time I write something. I don’t really blog about fashion or DIY, so telling a story about my life is all I want, really. Unfortunately, I don’t always tell a story with pictures, but hopefully I will get better and show y’all pictures of my story.

This is me, the storyteller. I’m a 20-something blogger with braces, and I’m generally a happy person. I don’t like being in a bad mood, and I don’t like when people around me are in one either. I don’t like to be someone I’m not, and I don’t let anyone try to change me. I am who I am and that’s all there is to it. :)

I hope y’all have a great Monday and a great week!!



Sunny & Star said...

My sister and I work on our blog Sunny Days and Starry Nights together. At first we didn't know if we wanted others (family and friends) to know about our blog and what we say (privacy and all) so did not want to include our names in any way. So we wanted a title that would relate to us, but also provide us with pen-names to write under. My sister and I are complete opposites and so is day and night, so that's how that part came in. My sister is a very girly, fashionable, chic woman and because of her personality she posts under Sunny. I am more laid back and down to earth than she is (more of a tomboy too), so I go by Star. And that's how we came to our blogs name. And really we blog about anything and everything that catches our interest and attention baking, fashion, hobbies, or things we love.

Jessica Renee said...

You are too cute in your braces!! :) I Loved reading this post!