Monday, August 8, 2011

Pink Wine and Rain in the Park

I have to say I like having busy weekends. They give me more opportunities to take pictures and blog about interesting stories.

Friday wasn’t the most eventful, but Love and I went to Meijer. I really just wanted ice cream, but I didn’t leave with any. Nope, none. Instead I left with these items:

Weird combination, right? Well, I really just wanted to try that flavor of Fiber Plus bars, and I don’t really know why I bought the wine. Maybe because I like the fact that it’s called Pink Truck? I don’t know I’m just intrigued by it. After we left Meijer, since I didn’t find any ice cream I wanted (their case was over half empty), we went to Kroger. Kroger had a sale going on in the ice cream aisle and most of their pints were on sale. I got Ben & Jerry’s half baked in a pint and it is quite delish!

Saturday I went to a baby shower for someone in my stepmom’s family. Since the shower was for someone I only see during family events, I didn’t take my camera, so I don’t have any pictures. The shower was at a park. They had Qdoba catered in and only played two games, but it was fun. Nothing special, just oohs and aahs when she was opening her gifts.

Sunday was by far the most interesting day this weekend. Love’s mom had a family cookout at a local park. I got there at noon, and Love, him mom, and stepdad were already there. The rest of the family showed up gradually after I did. Everyone was able to catch up with everyone else and the kids had fun.

Love filled water balloons the night before and the kids found them. They ended up throwing them at each other, but also at their dads and Love. Once all the prefilled balloons were busted, the kids started filling up the rest of the other balloons. After all was said and done, Love and two of his brothers were soaked, along with the kids. It was fun watching the kids chase around the adults. Below are a few of the pictures of the water balloon fight.

After the water balloon fight, everyone was starting to dry, and a storm was approaching…fast. Within 15 minutes of the dark clouds rolling in, it started pouring. All of us were under the shelter for at least 30 minutes while it rained, and it was windy, but I was able to get out my camera and take some pictures of the rain:

After the rain let up, we all gathered everything quickly and left. I got home around 6 and when I got home, 5 minutes away from the park, the sun was peeking out. What? Really? We could have stayed and hung out some more. But all was good because when I got home I played with this cutie:

My brother and his wife were over and of course my adorable nephew! We played with trains.

He loves playing with trains.

When I got up to put my stuff away, he told me not to leave him again. It was the cutest thing! He said, “Jess, don’t leave me again” in the most serious voice a 2 year old can have. My heart melted. I love that kid. When I have kids someday, I hope they’re as well behaved as he is.

Now that I’ve written another book, I think it’s time for me to be doing other things, such as getting ready for bed!

Goodnight, y’all!



jillian m. said...

That pink wine looks fabulous! What a great find. I need to keep my eye out for this. Perfect for a night in with the ladies!

Anonymous said...

Aww, Pink Truck wine, yum! Sounds like an action-packed weekend! ;)