Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Digging

You see this man?
This is my dad.

Today we spent together digging.

You see this hole?
My dad and I dug it up.

It's 54 inches deep, 8 feet wide, and at least 36 inches away from the house.
I think we spent 4 hours digging up this hole, and I am exhausted!
My hands and arms are in pain, and I know that tomorrow I'm going to be feeling so much worse.


This is all for a good cause.
My dad and a few other people are currently building my bedroom, along with other rooms, in the basement.
And that glass-block window will no longer be there, but an egress window will be.
Hence the reason for the hole.
I'm really excited! Like, really super excited!!
I'll be in the basement, but I'll have a "normal" size window!! 

I think the window is supposed to be delivered this week, so hopefully I'll have pictures by next weekend. Maybe.
Just so you know, I will definitely be doing a post after all is said and done of before, during and after.
But that won't be for another month or longer.

So, how was your weekend?
Did you do any hard work around the house?



Amanda said...

Oh how exciting! Can't wait to see the finished product!

Lin said...

Very cool!