Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wedding Weekend Recap

It's been almost a week since I last posted, right before wedding weekend. Since then, a lot has happened! 

As you know, my good friend got married this weekend. Her maid of honor lives in Texas, and came up on Thursday night for the weekend. Since the wedding was on Sunday, the bride thought it would be a good idea to have the bachelorette party on Friday night, so we did. We all met up at the bride's apartment and each one of us gave her a few things for her honeymoon. Then the maid of honor got her all dressed up for the night.

Our first stop was at Fox and Hound for dinner and drinks. Being the good driver I am, I got a virgin strawberry daiquiri. 

 The bride and the maid of honor shared a beer-ita.

I don't remember what the other two ladies had to drink, but I tasted them and they were delicious! 

 Here is the bride with the maid of honor and the other bridesmaid at dinner.

Here I am with one of our coffee friends at dinner.

Our other coffee friend, and fellow blogger, couldn't make it because she is an athletic trainer and had to work. After dinner, the maid of honor and I originally planned on taking everyone dancing, but instead we went to The Pub. There we just had drinks. Well, I had water. 

 Here is the bride and maid of honor at The Pub.

Here is the bride and the other bridesmaid at The Pub.

Here is the bride, in all her bachelorette glory. Isn't she pretty?

Here we are again, and this time being goofy.

While we were at The Pub, we got the waitress to take a picture of all of us.

After we left The Pub, we ended the night. I took everyone back to the bride's apartment and we all went home from there. 

 On Saturday, there wasn't much that happened for me. I spent most of the day getting things ready for that night and Sunday. 
We had the rehearsal dinner Saturday night, and it was so hot outside! The temperature was around 100 degrees and everyone was hoping that Sunday wouldn't be as bad, because the ceremony was outside. 
After rehearsal, we went to Olive Garden for dinner. 
There were about 30 people that went. Love was invited so the two of us sat with the bride's mom, brother, dad, and the maid of honor's family. It was nice to get to meet new people and chit chat. 

 After dinner, I dropped Love off back at his house and went to the bride's apartment. I was staying the night, because we all had 9:30am hair appointments on Sunday. 
Before we all went to bed, we painted our toenails and fingernails. Since mani/pedi's can get expensive, we all decided to forgo them and do our own. 

 Sunday was wedding day! 
We all woke up at 7am and took showers. We had to be at the hair salon with washed and dried hair. 

We all were busy little bees from the time we got our hair done, to the time we walked down the aisle. 
 So here's the day in a nutshell: 
1. We got our hair done. 
2. We got our dresses/shoes and everything else we needed. 
3. We stopped at Chipotle for lunch. 
4. We picked up the bride's wedding dress from her mom's house, and ate our lunch quickly. 
5. We made it to the park by 1pm. 
6. We got dressed and ready in under an hour. 
7. We got our pictures taken. 
 8. The bride and groom did first look pictures. 
9. We did full wedding party pictures. 
10. We finished pictures with 20 minutes left until the start time. 

 The whole day it sprinkled on and off. Since the ceremony was outside, and it was only sprinkling, the groom decided they were going with plan A for the ceremony. 

 The bride and groom got married and it was beautiful! If I wasn't a bridesmaid in the wedding I would have taken some pictures. 
Throughout the reception, the bride and groom had smiles all over their faces the whole night. They are such a wonderful couple, and I'm so glad they decided to spend the rest of their lives together. 

 The reception had all the traditional elements, such as the bouquet and garter toss, and tons of dancing. Everyone had such a great time! 
After the bride and groom left, I went back to the changing room, changed out of my dress, and went back to the reception site and helped clean up. 

 The whole weekend was great and I was so glad to be apart of their special day! :) 


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