Monday, October 24, 2011

Cousin's Baby Shower

Saturday was my cousin's baby shower.
She is due December 7th with Baby Girl.

My aunt hosted the shower with the Daddy's mom.
I got there about 30 minutes before it started and took some pictures.
The cake that was actually cupcakes.

Party favors with an adorable poem. :)

Table centerpieces.

While I was taking pictures, my aunt asked me if I could take them for the rest of the shower and I agreed.

The shower was so much fun.
We played games...
...such as Bingo, and Clean/Dirty Diaper.

Each person who brought diapers and wipes received a number and there was a drawing at the end of the shower.
We also measured ribbon to guess how big Mommy was.
Grandma-to-be is measuring ribbon.

I didn't win any prizes, but my sister and my sister-in-law did.

Here are some pictures of Mommy opening gifts.

After opening half of the gifts, my aunt decided it would be nice to take a break and eat some cake.

I took this as an opportunity to take some pictures of people chitchatting.

Mommy then opened the rest of her gifts.

There are way more pictures than what I'm posting.

After she finished opening her gifts, everyone pretty much left.
I stayed and helped clean up.

Mommy wanted me to take some pictures of her and my aunt, and a few others.
Mommy and Uncle D.

Great-Grandma, Grandma, and Mommy.
A pre-four generation photo.

Grandma and Mommy.

Grandma and Mommy.

All in all it was a great day.
Mommy had fun, and got a lot of great things for Baby Girl.
She is one spoiled little girl, and she's not even here yet! :)

I hope you all had a great weekend!



Lin said...

How fun, I love baby showers. You did a great job on the photos, they came out so cute.

Abby said...

That cupcake cake is too precious!!! Love it :)