Sunday, October 16, 2011

My First NFL Game

I may be 25, but I've never been to an NFL game...

...until today.

Today, my dad and I went to the Bengals vs. Colts game.

And it was awesome!!!

We were on the 40 yard line behind the Bengals.

Who Dey!!!

The Ben-Gals did a little show before the game.

The Colts won the toss up and deferred.

The game was so much fun to watch.
The Bengals scored on their first possession and we were immediately in the lead.
There were a few turnovers and the first quarter ended 7-0 Bengals.
At the end of the first half, the score was 10-7 Bengals.

The game was pretty uneventful until the 4th quarter.
The score got to 20-17 Bengals, and the Bengals had just turned the ball over to the Colts. 
The Colts completed a pass just outside of their red zone, and as we were tackling him, they lost control of the ball and we grabbed it and ran it for a touchdown. 
It was such an awesome play!! 
Of course the play went under review because some people thought he was down before he lost control but the play stood and we got our extra point and won the game 27-17.

I had so much fun actually being at the game versus watching it on television. 
Here are more pictures of the game that I took.

I hope you all had great weekends!


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Amanda said...

Looks like you had an amazing time! I've never been to a NFL game, but I'm hoping to get myself to one soon :)