Sunday, November 27, 2011

Three Thanksgivings

Well, since my life is full of work, work, and more work, I haven't been updating. Lately it seems like all I've been doing is working at both of my jobs. So therefore I haven't had a noteworthy reason to update...

...until now. :)

Thanksgiving was great this year.
Love and I went to three different Thanksgivings in 2 days.

The first one was at my grandma's house.
And there was lots of delicious food!
(as you can tell by the half empty dishes)

And of course, my aunt fell asleep after eating turkey.

While hanging out, I took some pictures of people and with people.
Love and I

My siblings and I 

My cousin and her baby boy

My cousin and I recreating a picture from our babyhood.
We're 6 months apart and my mom and aunt used to have our pictures taken together and this is a pose we did in one of them.

I should have taken a picture of the original on my grandma's wall...

From my grandma's, Love and I went to his mom's house.
Two of his brother's families came as well.

He has two nieces and they are the cutest. 
They're both only children and when they're together, they have the best time.

They kept chasing each other around the island. 
It was adorable.

For the rest of the evening everyone just hung out and chatted.

On Friday, my dad's family got together.
Unfortunately I forgot my camera at home, so I have zero pictures.
But it was still fun.

My dad is number 5 of 6 children in his family so there's never a dull moment when we're all together.
After dinner, I played euchre with my brother and two cousins.
The first game, my cousin and I won by 9 points against my brother and other cousin.
In the second game, they won by 2 points.

It's always fun playing games because it seems that a lot of us are pretty competitive and it can get rowdy. 

After playing, we all put our names in for the gift exchange.
Every year, we all make a list of things that we want for Christmas that cost no more than $30.
We put our lists in a bucket and then draw names.
The rules say that you can't draw yourself, or anyone that lives in the same household as you. 
 I ended up getting my aunt, and Love got my cousin's son.

All in all I had a great Thanksgiving with family.
I'm so thankful for the family that I have.
Without them I wouldn't be who I am today.


P.S. Don't forget to send me an email if you want a Christmas Card!! 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Christmas Cards...With Gifts? :)

11 days?
Have I become "that" blogger?!?

Not cool, Jess, not cool.

Well anyway, that's not the reason I'm posting today.

I'm going to be sending out Christmas cards this year.
I did a few last year, but I think I only sent out a handful of them to my parents and grandparents.

I bought a box of cards last year from after-Christmas sales and I would like to invite you all to receive one from me, if you so desire.

All you have to do is send me an email. 
My email address is

In the email, please include:
your name (first and last please)
your address (street, city, state, zip)
and your favorite pastime.

If there is something special I need to do with your address in order for the card to make it to you, please let me know in the email. 

Your Christmas card may or may not include a little gift. :)

Everyone is welcome to participate!
But please, do not leave your personal information in a comment.
This blog is public and I don't want your information out there for the world to see, nor do I want anything bad to happen to you.

Disclaimer: I cannot be held liable for any information posted in a comment by another blogger/user.

If you are interested, please send me your information by December 1, 2011.
I hope to hear from you all soon!! :)


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Beginning of November Already?!?

Today is November 1.
Only two more months left in the year.
And only 55 days until Christmas!!!

Where has the year gone?!?

Did you all have a great Halloween weekend?
I worked all weekend.
Our basement is coming along, and I spent Saturday painting my room.
The trim still needs painted, but I suck at it so someone else is going to do it with me.

I have to apologize to all of you for not blogging over the last week or so.
With the basement construction coming to an end, and working 2 jobs, I've been a leeetle busy.

So please bear with me.

I promise to become a better blogger.
And I do have some fantastic posts lined up for you.
I just have to find the time to fine tune them for your reading pleasure. :)

I hope you all have a great week and a wonderful November!!