Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Weekend (AKA Picture Overload)

I've had one busy weekend.

Friday night, Love and I spent time with BFF and Princess.
We went to a local outdoor mall and took pictures around their Christmas tree.

The Beautiful Tree

 Princess playing peek-a-boo

There she is!

Love and I in front of the tree, with Princess.

Close up of Love and I

BFF, Princess, and I in front of the tree.

We weren't there for very long because it was cold, but it was fun.

Then Saturday Love and I went to this place called Jungle Jim's.
It was such an interesting place!
I took my camera since I didn't know what to expect, and boy am I glad I did.

A singing Elvis dog.

The cereal bowl band

The hidden treasures...

...that were hiding under here.

A different view.


The "Award Winning Restrooms"

Notice the Ruby Slippers?

It was such a neat place.
They have such a huge selection of international foods.
The whole store was about the size of 3 Wal-Marts.
It was huge.
I loved it.
I can't wait to go back.

I hope y'all had a great weekend!


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Lin said...

Holy moly that's one big tree! What a fun place to visit. Too bad we dont have anything that cool in SoCal haha.