Sunday, February 5, 2012

Last Weekend

I just realized that I never told you about my super busy weekend last week.

On Friday, Love and I had a date night.

All we really did was hang out together, go to the mall and dinner.
But it's great just to be able to spend time together. 

On Saturday, I worked in to the morning, then I went and watched my brother wrestle.

He is the one in red.

He had 5 matches.
2 byes, 1 win, 1 forfeit, and 1 loss.

He was pretty upset that he lost in the final round, but he fought really hard.

After leaving the meet, I just spent the evening relaxing.

On Sunday, I worked until about 12:30 and then I was on the go from there.
I stopped at Kroger and bought vegetables for the two places I had to go.

First I went to my grandma's. 
She had some news for us, but I'm going to hold off on telling all of you until after this week.

From there I went over to my friend's apartment for another friend's "Unbachelorette" Party.
(Unbachelorette because she is already married.)
Huge margarita glass with chalkboard paint.
Nicole's idea stolen from Pinterest.

The theme was wine and cheese.

Cheese fondue that Nicole made. 
It was delicious!

Chocolate fountain.

Yelling "Surprise!" when Christine walked in.

All the ladies, minus me.

The food! We had so much leftover, but it was all so good!

Nicole was asking Christine innocent questions that had dirty answers, such as "Does Manny like his pretzels hard or soft?"

We played Taboo.

It was quite the fun night.

All of these ladies are some of my favorite to hang out with.
They are quite spectacular.

Now that the "Big Game" is on, I'm going to watch all the commercials. ;)

Are you watching for the game or the commercials?
Who do you want to win?


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