Monday, March 26, 2012

Phone Photo Fun

Today I'm linking up for one of my favorite linkups!

I don't usually have time to prepare a post, but today I did!
So, here we go.

Shadow hanging out under my sister's makeshift hammock.

The beautiful sunset sky while going on a walk with the siblings.

The siblings trying to hide their faces from the camera while on a walk.

Sister wanted a picture of her jumping. (This took about 10 tries.)

The defaced gas pump where I got gas the other night.
It says "Obama Sucks! Vote him out! Herman Cain 2012!"
I sent this to Love since he's always raving on about politics.

The family went to Cold Stone for dessert last week during our "heat wave".
I sent this to Love and he was jealous.

Love sent me this picture of Zion National Park.
He went to visit his aunt and uncle out in St. George, Utah last week, while I stayed here in Ohio.
They spent a day at Zion sightseeing and taking pictures.

There you have it! That's what I have for this week.
Go on over to What Makes Savanah Smile and check out all the other lovelies and their phone photos!


Anonymous said...

Yum coldstone!!!!

Lin said...

Now I really want to eat Coldstone!

Shalyn said...

That cat is so cute and I am with the other two- now I want Coldstone!