Monday, June 11, 2012

Kings Island

Remember last week when I went to Kings Island with my family and I promised a post about it?
Well here it is!

It was all organized on Monday night.
My stepbrother Chad was in town last weekend for his son's high school graduation.
He and his family stopped by my mom's house and they mentioned they were taking my brother to Kings Island.
I mentioned that I had the day off on Tuesday and Chad said I could join them. 
It was an open invitation.

So Tuesday morning, I get ready and get to my mom's house, since that's where we were meeting, and we get on the road. It's only about 45 minute drive, so we were there at 11am.

I was so excited when we got there.
I haven't been there in a few years, and my nieces were so excited to ride roller coasters.
I am a HUGE roller coaster rider, and Zach is not.

So of course our first ride was the Delirium.

It's a circular ride that spins and swings.

After waiting in line for 30+ minutes, Chad decided to get us all the fast track passes.
We were all able to cut the line on a lot of the roller coasters and it was great.

With the fast track passes, we rode most of the coasters at least once, if not twice.

I don't have many pictures of the day but this is what I do have.
Ashley and Della on Windseeker

Mel and Trea on the Grand Carousel

Ashley on the Carousel

Della on the Carousel

Before the ride started I got a picture of mine and Della's reflection.

We stayed until they closed and watched the nightly fireworks.

I had so much fun with Chad and the family that day.
I usually don't get to spend time with him besides a few hours when he visits so it was really nice to catch up and talk about life, and he said it was great that I was able to join them.

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Lin said...

What a fun day! As much as I love going out to these kinds of places, they're kind of a waste because I'm totally chicken about getting on those rides haha.

That ride, Delirium, looks SO scary.