Tuesday, August 7, 2012


About time, right?
Well, I was looking at the pictures I've taken and the majority of them on my camera are from the 4th.
Since I've already done an update of my Independence Day, I'll just upload a few.
Zach and I

After the 4th, I started training for work. I was promoted to Key Carrier after one of our former Key Carriers was promoted to Assistant Manager.

So I've been working a lot over the last month. 
But there are a few fun things that happened.

My aunt's granddaughter came over to swim with my brother and sister.
Isn't she cute?!

After they were done swimming her diaper fell apart.
I don't have any pictures, but it was as if her diaper was full of ice shavings.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that my sister got her braces off a few weeks ago.
If not, here's a picture!
Isn't she beautiful?
Zach published a book!
The Road: A Collection of Poetry was published in June.
This past Friday, Zach did a poetry reading at a local coffee shop.

He did great! 
He sold 3 more books and left some with the coffee shop to sell.
He wants to do more readings and I don't blame him! It was such a fun time!

I hope your month has been eventful!

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Lin said...

Getting up & reading in front of total strangers takes a lot of guts...go him!