Friday, October 19, 2012

Already Planning?

So I know I totally went AWOL on the blog after announcing my engagement (!!!!), 
but I will be back next week with the story of how Zach proposed.

And hopefully lots of other posts also.

This week was wow.
And time just got away from me.

Lots of telling people.
Some planning already.
(I know, right?)
And Zach is all into planning right now, so I'm not about to stop him.

I, however, am kind of in a predicament.
I can't decide who I want to be my maid of honor.
There are two girlfriends of mine to choose between.

One may not be as reliable if I need her to a quick favor for me, but I've known her longer.
The other may be able to run do that quick errand for me, but she does work retail like me.

I think I know who I want to be my number 1, but how do you tell the other one that I just want her to be a bridesmaid?
If I wasn't such a people pleaser, this would be easy peasy. 
Any advice would be appreciated.

I hope you all have a great weekend!


✿Faith✿ said...

I think maybe you should tell the one you don't want first and say it came from picking out of a hat? I don't know, it might make it easier for her to take.

Kimberly H said...

Unless you're planning to have your wedding sometime this year (i.e., before New Year's) - I'd suggest holding off on asking people to be bridesmaids/groomsmen just yet. People can really surprise you when it comes to planning weddings (some of my friends sure did...) so I'd take some time to set the date and make a few other big decisions before you start asking. That might also make the decision easier. If they ask, just tell them you're enjoying your new engagement for now and haven't made those decisions yet (which would be true!)

Kayla Peveler said...

I knew right away who I wanted to be my maid of honor, but I still have lots of close girlfriends I had too! However, it will NOT matter. This is YOUR day! They will just be happy you are asking them to be a part of your day at all! Bridesmaid or not... Promise :) & if they are not... They'll get over it ;) promise. I also do suggest, if yore wedding is like a year away-- to wait to ask anyone at all!

Lin said...

I'm with Kimberly on you holding off. I had asked my cousin to be my maid of honor a month after getting engaged but 6 months into planning we weren't even talking & she wasn't the least bit interested in helping out. Wait it out, see which of the two start to help you out more & go from there. Also, you dont owe any of them an explanation cause you're the bride :)