Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I want to take a break in my nice posts and rant about drivers lately.

First off, Ohio recently passed a law about texting and driving. 
I know it's not really enforced right now, but I cannot stand when I see a driver texting. 
If it's really that important that it can't wait, just call that person.

Tailgaters are the worst. 
I'll be sitting at a red light, and someone comes flying up the road at me and I think they're going to hit me.
Nope. They stop just in time, but then they tailgate me until I turn, or they turn.
I get made fun of by people who ride with me for leaving such a big gap between me and the car in front of me, but this is exactly why. If someone rear ends me I don't want to rear end someone else because someone else's stupidity.
Know what I mean?

Then there's I-75, or really any highway for that matter.
The right lane is the slow lane!
If you are going the speed limit or slower, stay there.
The far left lane should be for passing only. Just my opinion.

There are a few highways in the area that are terrible in weather, and before I learned the side streets, I had to drive those highways to work and school and I can't help but think I'm a better driver because of these highways.

Okay, I think I'm done ranting.

On another note, my sister has been practicing a permit test to get her temporary license.
How would you do if took the test today?
Click here for the practice test she's been taking.

I might be back later to blog about another one of the 30 things. :)


Kimberly H said...

Hi Jessica! I'm stopping by after your You Are My Color Guest post! I have to agree about most of these, although I guess I'm probably guilty of a lot of them as well. I'm from Wisconsin and we're pretty much KNOWN for following too closely, haha. Anyway, I'm looking forward to following you and getting to know you more!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica, I'm also stopping in after reading your guest post on You Are My Color. I'm from Michigan but have been going to school in Ohio for the past 3 years... I can totally relate to most of what you have going on. My boyfriend's uncle is a police officer and told me that the texting and driving law is only a secondary offense therefore they cannot pull you over if they see you texting however if you are swerving or speeding and texting then you can get written up for the offense... Crazy right? I completely agree that this should be changed. Being from Michigan I am that person that follows you too closely... I apologize... but I am also the person that is screaming at the person driving 60mph in the left lane on the freeway =)

Thank you for such a relatable post, it makes me laugh that it's not just me who has such driving woes