Sunday, October 21, 2012

How He Proposed

So now that I have time to write, I'm going to tell you about my proposal story.

Last Sunday was family dinner.
Zach came over early, because he wanted to go thrifting with my brother and I for my brother's costume.
He needed a sport coat, purple t-shirt, and black (or very dark) jeans.

We finished shopping and headed back to the house.
My dad left to go pick up my sister from my mom's house.
After hanging out for a little while, Zach suggested we go on a walk.
I agreed, and since it was really nice out I didn't think anything of it.
We went on about a mile long walk.

Isn't my neighborhood beautiful?

We got back to my house and my dad and sister were back.
Then my siblings and Zach and I started playing HORSE.

And taking silly pictures.
Of course we needed a good picture. :)

Dad was making dinner during all of this.

As we're getting ready to sit down to dinner, I'm still clueless.
We prayed before eating, and after prayer, Zach starts talking.
I was getting my plate ready to eat because I was starving.
At first I think nothing of it. He's talking about how he's a "freaking liberal and a Browns fan".
Yeah, yeah, I know.
He then starts saying something about being added to the family, and I'm thinking, "No. He's joking. This isn't real."
But he continues.
I don't really remember what he continued saying, but he gets off his chair, down on his knee and pulls out a ring and says "Will you allow a freaking liberal and a Browns fan in your family? Will you marry me?"
By this time, I have my hands covering my mouth and I'm in disbelief.
I just stared at him, with a huge smile on my face.
I was so shocked by this, I almost forgot to say yes.
Afterwards, I look around at everyone, and my phone is sitting on the table between me and my sister. I looked at her and said, "Why didn't you grab this (referring to my phone) and start taking pictures?!?"
She took my phone and Zach decided to paraphrase what he said so she could take some pictures.

See the bags under my eyes?

This photo courtesy of my stepmom.
Needless to say, I was no longer hungry. 
I ate one hot dog and some veggies.

After dinner, we visited our moms to share the news. 
I pretty much had a permasmile the whole night.

It's been a week and I still blush when someone congratulates me, and it's weird to talk about Zach as my fiance. 
But you get used to it, right?

Here are some more pictures of my ring.
I LOVE this ring!

I love the design on the sides.

And it's just beautiful.

My current ring holder.


Amy K said...

This is too cute! Congratulations!!

Much Love

Laura Darling said...

Congratulations! What a sweet proposal!!!