Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekend {or Friday} Review

As the title says, this is more of a Friday review.
I didn't do hardly anything Saturday or Sunday and Friday was enough fun for an entire post. :)

Friday I was off work. I met up with Zach and our friend Bridgette and we went to a local Halloween shop.
Foy's is a big name in the area around Halloween.
They have about 5 different shops and a restaurant all on this street.
This is the main store.

They had a whole section just for masks.

This mask is really neat!
Zach and Bridgette are trying to convince me to buy it for Halloween this year.

Zach "needs" this.
After we left Foy's, we went to Young's Dairy.

We're goofy.

Cheese anyone?

Yes, it was dark when we got to Young's, but it was still fun.


Baby punkin.


They were all set up for the Pick Your Own Pumpkin weekend.

Zach and I

Of course, we got ice cream!

We left Young's and it was only 9, but it felt so much later.
From there, we went to Target to look at their Halloween things.

Zach loves this kind of mask.

Crazy nails!
The whole evening was a lot of fun.
If you follow me on Twitter, then you saw my #quotesofthenight that night.
If you don't follow me, then you should. Just sayin'. :)

I think we're going back to Foy's this Friday, so I'll have more to blog about.

I hope you had a great weekend also!

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