Sunday, December 2, 2012


So Zach likes to take spontaneous little road trips on Friday nights.
And the last two times we've gone to Jungle Jim's International Market.

Since we've gone twice, and I took a lot of pictures, I figured the trip deserves its own post.

The first time we went, we really took our time there. 
I spent most of my time looking around, and taking pictures. 
There is a lot to see, and that doesn't include the food. ;)

Cheese anyone?

This produce section is huge!

I wish they would sing to me when I eat cereal.

The Jungle Jim Story

LOTS of candy!

Last night we went, we spent more time in the wine section and then quickly browsed the rest of the store.
Cat-shaped wine anyone?

This wine's a bitch.

Chocolate wine! I want to try some!
 Then we decided to do a random photo shoot.

If you are ever in the Cincinnati/Sharonville area, check this place out!
It is quite the place!
They always have unique things you don't find in your normal grocery store. 

Do you take random trips like this?

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