Friday, January 4, 2013

Bad Grammar

The other day I had coffee with a friend of mine, and we got on the conversation of bad grammar. We mainly talked about the misuse of to and too, you're and your, and their, they're, and there. Do you know how many times I see those words misused on Facebook? A lot! It's as if these people didn't learn the difference between them in elementary school. 

Today, I came across a tweet that I couldn't help but share. Someone used the word "patients" for "patience". I shared this with my friend and she had something from Facebook to share with me. Why don't I just share our entire text conversation today:

So what do you think? Educating the world one bad grammar pin at a time? 

That's what I thought. :)

So I went searching for bad grammar images and came across this. It's actually kind of funny seeing all the bad grammar.

What is your pet peeve? Does bad grammar get to you, also?

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Faith Brackman said...

I kind of hate that I haven't met Danielle. Or if I have I don't which friend of yours it is.