Thursday, January 3, 2013

Goals For 2013

I like to think of resolutions more as goals.
I'm not trying to resolve something, I'm trying to accomplish it.

Last year, I posted my goals, but they were all over the place. 
This year's goals are more for my personal life.
Let's compare, shall we?

Last year:
1. Organize my bedroom/declutter.
You can see posts on this here and here.
2. Read all my unread novels.
Nope. Didn't happen.
3. Grow my blog and make it more personal.
What can I say? You can see what I've done with this here blog! :)
4. Find a new job.
5. Save money.
Not even going to go there.
6. Eat healthier and run more.
Or there.

This year:
1. Read all of my unread novels before acquiring new ones.
2. Move up in my job.
3. Save money for the wedding.
4. Save money for an apartment and move into one.
5. Save money for a rainy day.
6. Learn to crochet.

1. Read all my unread novels: Notice last year? I'm holding myself to not purchasing new books until I've read all my unread books.
2. Move up in job: Who doesn't want move up in their career? Moving up means a pay raise and other benefits and also knowing the higher ups think you're something worth keeping.
3. Save money for wedding: This is reliant on number 2. 
4. Save money for an apartment: This is also reliant on number 2. I cannot support myself on what I make currently.
5. Save money for rainy day: Again, this is reliant on number 2.
6. Learn to crochet: I think it would be really neat to learn this. My grandma crochets and I want to be able to do what she does. 

Do you have goals for 2013? What are they?


Karla said...

i notice a lot of "saving money".. so I just wanted to say, our goals for the new year are VERY similar, as I will be doing that same exact thing!! =D

Nicole said...

I can always teach you to crochet. It's pretty basic.

Nicole said...

I can always teach you to crochet. It's pretty basic.