Thursday, January 31, 2013

Guess What!?!

Guess what, guess what, guess what!!!

Zach and I have venues for our wedding!!!

On Tuesday, before Zach got off work, I went down to our reception site and reserved it. We've already seen it, we just needed to sign the rental contract and reserve the date. 
The pictures are from their website.

Then, after Zach got off work, we went to our preferred ceremony site, walked around and made sure that's what we wanted, and reserved our date!
These are pictures I took today. I imagine the site is going to look much prettier in the middle of June.

Aren't they both pretty?! I'm so freaking excited to have these booked!!
I think in the Spring and Summer Zach and I are going to go down to our ceremony site (it's a public park) and see what the flowers and everything look like in season and in bloom. 

I feel much better knowing we have our sites booked and on the date we wanted!
June 2014 is going to be amazing!!


Karla said...

The outside looks so gorgeous!
I'm so glad that you are so happy!!
This is such awesome news!
Sigh of relief for you too I'm sure!

jessica renee said...

So pretty!! I"m sure this gets you even more excited about it all now!!