Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Social

Sunday Social
I haven't done this link up in awhile so I figured, since my life is boring, I would join in today. 

This week's questions are all about 3's.
Top 3 Favorite Kinds of Food: Chicken is my absolute favorite food, ice cream is a close second, and macaroni and cheese and cheesy potatoes ties for third.
First 3 Things you do in the morning: Turn off my alarm, check all my social media sites, and go to the bathroom.
Last 3 things you do at night: Bring my cat to the basement (my sister has a bird, so we have to watch Shadow), brush teeth, and check all social media one last time.
3 TV Shows you NEVER miss: Well since I have a DVR, I don’t miss any shows, but the ones I watch as soon as I can are Hart of Dixie, Nashville, and Switched at Birth.
3 Places you want to visit: Out of the country I've always wanted to see England, Ireland, and Italy. In the country I want to go to Disney World, Napa Valley, and Niagara Falls.
3 People you can always count on: My mom, my dad, and my fiance. 

Join Neely and Ashley and tell me about your threes. 


Shoshanah said...

Of the places you want to visit, the only one I haven't been to is Ireland. And while I've enjoyed some more than other, I definitely think each is well worth visiting!

And just letting you know, I'm stopping by from Sunday Social!

Nicole Gilbert said...

Heeyy! I nominated you and your blog for the Versatile Blogger Award. Check it out here!! Congrats <3