Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Facts of My Life

So I know I posted already once today, but I saw this one time link up and decided to join in.

This link up will also give you all a chance to find out more about me. :)
Win-win, right? Right!
So, here goes!

Fact - I absolutely LOVE 7th Heaven. And I would love to own each season.
Fact - My birthday is April 7 and I will be 27 this year.
Fact - Zach and I are getting married in 508 days!!!
Fact - I could plan my wedding in about 2 months, if money wasn't an issue.
Fact - I live at home with my dad and stepmom because I can't afford to move out.
Fact - I drive a 2007 HHR named Stella.
Fact - I would much rather be hot than cold. And I live in Ohio.
Fact - I'm the oldest child of both my parents, but my stepbrother and stepsister are older than me.
Fact - I'm a people pleaser. Some of my decisions are affected by how other people will react to them. 
Fact - I'm really trying to work on the fact before this one.
Fact - I have a huge heart.
Fact - I HATE confrontation. I will do anything to avoid it.
Fact - I will also avoid saying the wrong thing so I don't upset anyone.
Fact - I am a quiet person, and depending on my mood, I will not say anything unless asked.

What are some facts about you?

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Our Little Fam said...

I, too, would rather be hot than cold! It has been so long since I have watched 7th heaven. Your blog is so adorable.

I am your newest follower.