Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ask Again Later

So I finally finished the book I started last year.

The back cover reads as follows:
"Emily has a tendency to live with one foot out the door. When your mother dramatically announces, "They've found a lump," Emily gladly leaves behind her career, her boyfriend, and those pesky unanswerable questions about who she is and what she's doing with her life to be by her mother's side. But back in her childhood bedroom, Emily realizes that she hasn't run fast or far enough--especially when she opens the door, quite literally, to find her past staring her in the face."

This is a really good synopsis of the book. I don't know what else I can tell you without giving away the story.

This book was interesting. 
When I started reading this book, I'm not sure what I expected.

I usually read books similar to this one, somewhere in the genre of "chick lit", or fiction.
But I didn't like this book.
I had the hardest time really getting into it, and I don't think I ever really did.

Unfortunately, I couldn't start a new book like I wanted to.
If I start a book, I have to finish it. 

But anyways, I'm getting away from my review.
But I don't really know what to say. If I liked the book, I would probably have more to say.

Oh well.
There's always the next book.
Speaking of....

I am now currently reading:

I've only read the first chapter, but I'm kind of almost already hooked on it.

What have you been reading?


Karla said...

Interesting... I haven't read either.
I'm currently trying to finish "The Happiness Project"
I may read one of these when I'm finished!

Nicole Gilbert said...

So I just looked up the synopsis of College Girl and I will be downloading it and reading it too :) thanks for the suggestion!! We should discuss about it :D !!!

Faith Brackman said...

I might want to read Ask Again Later, if I can get through the first chapter. lol