Saturday, February 9, 2013

Giant Alien Squids from Neptune

I love this link up. :)

1.  How long were you dating your spouse before getting engaged?
My answer: One month shy of 4 & ½ years. 
Zach's answer: Almost 4 years and 5 months.

2.  Do you remember your first big fight, if so, what was it about?
My answer: We haven’t really had a big fight yet. The biggest tiff we’ve had was about something one of my friends said. It’s a little too personal for blogland. Sorry, ladies!
Zach's answer: I don't think we have actually had a big fight.

3.  Who said "I love you" first?
My answer: Zach.
Zach's answer: That would be me.

4.  What is your spouse most afraid of?
My answer: Losing me and then having to go through dating again.
Zach's answer: Giant alien squids from Neptune...........I'm joking umm I would have to say being alone.

5.  Who uses more hair-care products?
My answer: Me, definitely.
Zach's answer: Jess no doubt.

6.  Who initiated the first kiss?  How was it on a scale from 1-10?
My answer: Zach did. I would say it was a 9 out of 10.
Zach's answer: I think it was a mutual thing (probably me though) and because we are both awesome people it was a 10.

7.  You are on your way out, and need to turn around because someone forgot something... was it you or your spouse who most likely forgot something?
My answer: Probably me. I’ve left my phone at his house a few times.
Zach's answer: I can almost 100 percent say it was me.

8.  Who takes longer in front of the mirror?  You or your spouse?
My answer: Me. Always. Girl’s gotta look good!
Zach's answer: Jess once again.

9.  What would your spouse name your children if you had one girl & one boy?
My answer: For a boy it would be Malachy, for a girl it would be Sybella.
Zach's answer: Ummmm that is a good question............

10.  If you were able to give away one thing that your spouse owned, what would you choose?
My answer: Probably the random toys around his room. 
Zach's answer: Her country music.

Were you the first to say I love you? Did you initiate the first kiss?

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Karla said...

Thank you for loving this link up! So glad!
I love that you mention that he has random toys around his room, because when Scott & I finally moved in together, I helped him pack up things in his childhood bedroom and OMG I found so many toys. Like.. kids toys and stuffed animals. Especially legos. And lots of teddy bears. It was so weird. Haha And he wanted to keep some of the bears! Shhh, don't tell him I said that!