Monday, February 25, 2013

InstagrAmazing Wedding Weekend

I'm so stinkin' excited for this link up this week.
I had a fantastic weekend!

The night before Zach left for the week.

Grandma's birthday present! Her birthday was Saturday.

Geronimo likes lounging in grandma's laundry baskets.

Seester and I waiting for a table at Tumbleweed.

Dinner at Tumbleweed!

My sister says I have "golf club warmers" in my car...

My after shower brushed hair look. (Zach asked for a picture of me and this is what he got.)

Momma and I at the bridal expo Sunday!

Sister and I at the bridal expo!

Danielle and I at the bridal expo!!

We went to a bridal shop after the expo and I tried on a few gowns. 

Lots of colorful bridesmaid dresses!

Sunday pretty much turned into a wedding day with the expo and dress shopping.
We got the cutest girl's Easter dress at work that I put in Layaway for my flower girl.
At the bridal shop, I tried on gowns, Danielle tried on a dress, my mom tried on a dress, and I found a dress for my flower girl. And my grandma knows what dress she's going to buy for my wedding.
I think it's time to think about what the guys are going to wear...

How was your weekend?


Karla said...

Ahhhh!! I love it!
I love all things wedding.
So glad that it was a successful trip!
I feel super duper bad for skipping this week, considering you had such an awesome weekend! Urgghh! Sorry, girl. I really feel like an awful blogger now!

Lin said...

Trying on wedding dresses is so much fun. Glad you found your flower girls dress, bet it's super cute.

Courtney B said...

How FUN! My favorite part of planning my wedding was trying on wedding dresses!! Can't wait to see all the dresses you found/will find in your wedding pictures :)