Monday, February 18, 2013


So, I've kind of ignored blogland this week. 
But work has been really busy and I'm just pooped when I get home.
And I missed a good link-up this past weekend!

Oh well.
Life goes on.
And today is another great link-up!
Link up with Karla and Nicole!

I freaking love him.
The chandelier above our dinner table at Max n Erma's
Ice cream in 20 degree weather.
Cuddling with my kitty.
Preparing a binder for work while watching 7th Heaven.
He's interrupting progress...
...but he's so darn cute!

So there you have it. My instagramazing weekend.

How was your weekend?


Karla said...

7th Heaven!!

When I saw that on IG this weekend, I was like... AHHH! That was MY show in middle/high school. I was alllll about 7th Heaven. Never missed a show. =D

No worries about missing the link-up... There is always this week =)

Faith Brackman said...

He's precious. And a chandelier? Really? I didn't know Max & Erma's was that fancy...

itsallaboute said...

I am OFFICIALLY craving a blizzard now! yummy!

Cayla Hess said...

Super Jealous you got to see 7th heaven! It's always on our HD list, but when I go to click it, we apparently don't have that channel. What a tease!

Jennifer said...

I love 7th Heaven!!!!! Thanks for stopping by Simplistic Living!! xoxo