Tuesday, March 19, 2013


25 years ago, this man was born.
And just under 5 years ago, we met and started dating.

And today is his birthday!

Here are some facts about Zach:
-His favorite color is green.
-His eyes change colors, from green to blue to grey.
-He drives a Honda Civic.
-He is currently working on his Master's in Humanities and a Certificate for Museum Administration.
-He works at the local public library.
-He loves me, no matter what mood I'm in.

Happy birthday, Zachary!
I love you with all my heart, and I can't wait to be yours forever.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Will you...

...be my bridesmaid?

Well, not you, but the 5 ladies that are going to stand beside me as I vow to love my husband-to-be for the rest of my days.

Now that my bridal party is complete, I can share with you all my invitations.

I scoured the internet and Pinterest and bridal magazines about how to ask my ladies.
I wanted to do something creative, but not over the top.
I saw this idea, this idea, and this idea, but I didn't have the time or resources to create any of these.

Then I decided I wanted to make them each personal.
So I did this:
Using stickers and a little imagination, I spelled out each girls' names with adjectives describing each girl.

Then I added the adjectives to the question.

I created the name label on my computer and used stickers to secure it to the envelope.

And then I was ready to ask all 5 girls!

I don't remember the adjectives I used to describe each girl, but I loved (still do!) the finished product!
Each girl said yes and I will be doing posts in the future about each one.

How did you ask your ladies to be your bridesmaids?

Monday, March 11, 2013

I'm a VIP!

1. A little Starbucks to start the weekend.
2. Must. Resist. Buying.
3. My Mad Hatter
4. We met up with Ali at B Dub's
5. Then two more friends showed up.
6. And I received an awesome invite for Bridgette's 30th!
7. Selfie!
8. The VIP Pass fits over my head!
9. Dinner on Saturday for my Grandma's 80th birthday.
10. Family.
11. Addressing envelopes for the big celebration for Grandma's birthday.
12. Love when my Shadow wants to cuddle.
13. The chocolate Zach got me in Utah had a love poem inside the wrapper.
14. Waiting for the movie to start. We saw Identity Thief.
15. Getting ready to run for the first time this year.
16. Not a bad time for my first run/walk of the year.
17. My newest addiction, thanks to my brother.

As I sit here cuddling with the pup, I realize there are more pictures that I want to post from this weekend.
But, it's more than just a couple of pictures, so another post for tomorrow it is!

And I just saw that I have 90 followers?!? What is that?
That is wonderful! I love that you're all interested in what I have to say.
I feel so humbled by you all!! Thank you for sticking around!

How was your weekend?

Friday, March 8, 2013

Not So Newlyweds

As you know, Zach and I are planning our wedding.
So we're not newlyweds. Yet.

But I love this link up

And Zach doesn't mind doing it either. ;)

1. What is your spouse's favorite animal?
Jess: Cat or owl or rabbit. He wants to get a white rabbit in the future and name it Winston.
Zach: It’s either a cat or an owl…..I know she has a fascination with them. (I just like cats.)

2. What does your spouse do..what's their occupation? Explain as much as you possibly can.
Jess: He is a library aide at a local public library and he’s trying to get a GA position at Wright State University.
Zach: She is the Admin Coordinator at the Maxx of TJ’s and does pretty much everything there…also she is a substitute manager (Key Carrier) as well. (Maxx of TJ’s?)

3. What is your spouse's favorite pro sports team?
Jess: Well in his proposal speech, he said he was a Brown’s fan, but he only says that because his grandpa is and I’m a Bengal’s fan.
Zach: Cincinnati Bengals.

4. If your spouse could retire anywhere, where would they choose?
Jess: Europe. Or maybe Ireland. Or maybe he’s thinking I’m nuts and just wants to stay in the country.
Zach: Somewhere nice maybe along the coast.

5. What is something on your spouse's bucket list?
Jess: To be a famous poet and author.
Zach: I think go to Italy might be one of them.

6. What is your spouse's favorite candy or sweet?
Jess: Starburst Jelly beans. Or almost all jelly beans. He loves the red ones.
Zach: Reese’s cups or Reese’s pieces. (I love my chocolate and peanut butter!)

7. What is something your spouse would love to have in their dream home? Like a specific room they want, etc.
Jess: A library. Right now his bedroom kind of looks like a library, but in his home he wants separate rooms for his books and bed. ;)
Zach: Maybe a nice library for her to sit back and read her books.

8. If your spouse could only watch one movie over and over for a week, which one would it be?
Jess: Does it have to be a movie? Because I could see him watching a season of King of the Hill over and over.
Zach: That is a really difficult question…..honestly I have no idea maybe 50/50 or P.S. I Love You.

9. Who chose the wedding colors? Your or your spouse? What were they?
Jess: We both chose them. They are our favorite colors. Emerald and pink.
Zach: I think it was a mutual thing…..emerald and pink.

10. If your spouse could teach a monkey one trick, what would they have it do?
Jess: He would probably train it to do something silly. He is a kid at heart.
Zach: Be a reliable and productive employee at her work so she could have another employee to count on. (What?!)

Do you want a library? 
What about a rec room to be able to watch the Bengals?

Thursday, March 7, 2013

This isn't my plan....

Well, I have a post I just finished, then I realized that it was supposed to be posted yesterday.

Oh well, now it's ready for next week. :)

But today, because I was so bummed it was THURSDAY, this is what you're getting:

My to do list:
-Repaint my finger nails - lots of chipped nails.
-Catch up on TV shows - I just watched this week's Hart of Dixie, and I still have Suburgatory, last week's Nashville, and few more that I watch with my parents.
-Clean my room - this seems never ending.
-Print pictures for my friend's birthday gift
-Mail my grandma's birthday card - she will be 80 on Saturday!

Things to buy:
-Cat food bowl - right now he has a self-feeding bowl and I want to change it.
-New eyeshadow - I found a brand I like that is cheap and I want more colors. ;)
-Birthday wrappings for above birthday gift
-Lunch for today - I don't want anything in the house

Things to pay:
-Credit card bill
-Registration for my car for another year

If you haven't noticed, I am an list maker. I will write a list for everything that needs done, and until the last thing is checked off, I won't throw it away.

Do you make lists?

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dayton doesn't have an E

So I think I've finally caught up on blog reading, from the blogs that I started reading last night. At 5:30PM.
Which means, I have a slew of new posts to read from then till now.


I wanted to get in my weekend update!
[All photos are courtesy of my Instagram.]

1. I painted my fingers and toes blue sparkles.
2. I saw this on Facebook and put it on Instagram. From my Instagram, we've come up with Dayton, Miamisburg, Vandalia, Springboro, Fairborn, Columbus, Batavia, Milford, Morrow, Hamilton, Tipp City, Oakwood, Akron, Trotwood, Troy, Sylvania, Sandusky, St. Marys, Findlay, Northwood, Franklin, Clayton, and Coshocton. And I know there are plenty more cities in Ohio
3. My cousin posted this on Facebook.
4. I'm so glad he's back in Ohio.
5. Aren't we cute?
6. Zach likes this bottle.
7. Noah was hiding in his couch pillow fort.
8. I spent most of Saturday in bed with a migraine and upset stomach.
9. Zach came over Saturday night and he played Fruit Ninja on my phone.
10. Sunday I woke up felling better and had morning cuddles with my kitty while reading. 

How was your weekend?