Monday, March 11, 2013

I'm a VIP!

1. A little Starbucks to start the weekend.
2. Must. Resist. Buying.
3. My Mad Hatter
4. We met up with Ali at B Dub's
5. Then two more friends showed up.
6. And I received an awesome invite for Bridgette's 30th!
7. Selfie!
8. The VIP Pass fits over my head!
9. Dinner on Saturday for my Grandma's 80th birthday.
10. Family.
11. Addressing envelopes for the big celebration for Grandma's birthday.
12. Love when my Shadow wants to cuddle.
13. The chocolate Zach got me in Utah had a love poem inside the wrapper.
14. Waiting for the movie to start. We saw Identity Thief.
15. Getting ready to run for the first time this year.
16. Not a bad time for my first run/walk of the year.
17. My newest addiction, thanks to my brother.

As I sit here cuddling with the pup, I realize there are more pictures that I want to post from this weekend.
But, it's more than just a couple of pictures, so another post for tomorrow it is!

And I just saw that I have 90 followers?!? What is that?
That is wonderful! I love that you're all interested in what I have to say.
I feel so humbled by you all!! Thank you for sticking around!

How was your weekend?

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Becky said...

What did you think of the movie? I love Melissa McCarthy but I've heard mix reviews!