Thursday, March 7, 2013

This isn't my plan....

Well, I have a post I just finished, then I realized that it was supposed to be posted yesterday.

Oh well, now it's ready for next week. :)

But today, because I was so bummed it was THURSDAY, this is what you're getting:

My to do list:
-Repaint my finger nails - lots of chipped nails.
-Catch up on TV shows - I just watched this week's Hart of Dixie, and I still have Suburgatory, last week's Nashville, and few more that I watch with my parents.
-Clean my room - this seems never ending.
-Print pictures for my friend's birthday gift
-Mail my grandma's birthday card - she will be 80 on Saturday!

Things to buy:
-Cat food bowl - right now he has a self-feeding bowl and I want to change it.
-New eyeshadow - I found a brand I like that is cheap and I want more colors. ;)
-Birthday wrappings for above birthday gift
-Lunch for today - I don't want anything in the house

Things to pay:
-Credit card bill
-Registration for my car for another year

If you haven't noticed, I am an list maker. I will write a list for everything that needs done, and until the last thing is checked off, I won't throw it away.

Do you make lists?


Shelley said...

I'm definitely a list makes also, but I normally end up losing my lists!! So I typically have to put it all on my phone :)

Becky said...

I am all about lists!! and I love hart of dixie too!!