Monday, April 15, 2013


You know how when you get on your computer or phone and you automatically check social media sites?

I do that too.

I usually check Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and the blog.

Until recently.

It's easy to check the first 3, because they're aren't any really long entries and whatnot to sift through.
The blog, however, has short, somewhat long, and super long entries.

As much as I love reading all your blogs and entries, it just started to feel like a chore.
I love you guys. And I love reading about your lives, but sometimes I felt obligated to do so.

The last time I blogged, was almost a month ago. It was for Zach's birthday.
That whole week was kind of busy, so I didn't do much with the blog. 
(Bad blogger! And I realize I missed out on blogging opportunities.)

But after that, nothing really happened. 

I took a hiatus.
It was unintentional, but it happened anyway.

I didn't have the motivation to blog, even if I did have a few post ideas.
(But those are coming soon!)

And I missed it.
I like blogging, I just get discouraged when I can't come up with anything to blog about.

But my thinking juices are flowing and I have some posts coming this week that I'm excited about.

Are you excited to see me in your feed again?!
Because I am. :)


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Erin said...

Hi friend!! :) Come back and blog anytime you want! We'll still be here! Everyone takes days, or even weeks off sometimes when it's necessary!