Thursday, May 23, 2013

Wedding Fever

Last Tuesday marked 13 months until our wedding!!
And I couldn't help but get a little bit of wedding fever.

It doesn't help that Miss Kayla is getting married this Saturday!!
I'm so happy for you and Caleb, girl!

So what did I do?
I encouraged my wedding fever!

When you got married, did you create a profile at

I did, and on Tuesday I worked on our wedding website.
See what I've done so far here!
There are a few pages that I haven't touched yet.

There are so many wedding things running through my head it's crazy!

The other day I reserved a park shelter for a cookout to celebrate our engagement, kind of.
It's more just so the families and bridal party can get to know each other. 
Zach and I know each other's families pretty well, but our parents have never met each other in the past 5 years of us dating. Weird, right? I know. 

I was also thinking that I need to make a to-do list to keep with me, so I don't have to keep a wedding book with me at all times.
Makes sense, right? 'Kay.

And we need to reserve our caterer ASAP, because if we do it now, the caterer will hold this year's prices for us for next year. Which is awesome! 
Current prices are under $10 a person for a hot buffet dinner!


Brandy said...

Definitely good to mix and mingle your parents and families, and even friends (bridal party) beforehand that way you can see the vibe that happens between them.
Lists are great! I made too many and rarely stuck to them, but they still helped me stay kind of organized. lol
& That seems like a great deal for the caterer! Definitely lock that in! :D

Susannah said...

Wow! 13 more months till you're married?!?! I was engaged for 4 1/2 months and I felt like that was a too long. I can definitely see why you have wedding fever! :-)

Rachel O. said...

Yay for weddings and wedding planning!! Ah!