Friday, June 7, 2013

Summer Self Love

My friend Christine has started a new link up called Summer Self Love, and she's asked me to be apart of it!

From her about the link up: 
   "I was thinking recently about how I (and lots of women I know) are so much more self conscious during the summer when all the cute, trendy clothes leave so. little. to the imagination. SO, I've decided to host this link-up to give us (and any gentlemen that want to participate!) an outlet to congratulate and remind ourselves of our awesomeness without feeling guilty!"

So without further adieu:

Today I'm loving.... straightened hair and cute outfit.
   ...that I was able to post 4 times this week!
   ...that I worked out this week.
   ...that I'm making progress on my goals.
   ...that I haven't had fast food all week.
   ...that I've been taking my vitamins everyday.
   ...that I remembered to prepare this post!

What are you loving about yourself today?
Visit Christine and link up!


Christine said...

Thanks so much for being my VERY FIRST participant in my VERY FIRST link-up!!!!!! You're the best!

Erin said...

What a cool link-up idea!! I'll have to remember this next week! I always feel better when I straighten my hair... and I don't do that often enough for work ;) Good job on the goal progress!!

Becky said...

What a fun link up! I definitely wanna participate next week :) Have a great weekend!!

Elizabeth said...

I'm always super proud of myself when I remember to write blog posts in advance lol. And good for you on the fast food front! I had it twice this week. :(

Jessica said...

This sounds like a wonderful link up. Today I am loving the fact that I cooked a great meal for my family. That I am finally getting to catch up on my blog reading. And that I have had an amazing hair day.

Tracy @