Friday, August 16, 2013

Five Things

Happy Friday!!! Are you excited for Friday? Well I am!! I don't know why, because I don't have a day off until Tuesday, but whatevs!!

Anyways, my good friend Rachael @ Letters from a Mermaid tagged me for a 5 Things post, so here goes!

5 Blog Crushes
Jessica @ You Are My Color
Brandy @ Sissy Fits

5 Passions I Have
Spending time with family and friends

5 Things I want to do before I die
Run a marathon or two
Raise a beautiful family
Adopt or sponsor a child
Read my entire Bible, not just pieces here and there

5 Reads I love
The Help
Harry Potter Series
Hunger Games Trilogy
To Kill A Mockingbird
Johnny's Angel

5 Favorite Movies
A Walk To Remember
Dirty Dancing
Save the Last Dance
The Little Mermaid
The Help

5 Places I want to Travel

What are some of your favorite books and movies?

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Momma!!

This woman is amazing.
She is beautiful, inside and out, and I'm so thankful I get to call her my mom!

And today is her birthday!!! She's 40something years old! (She reads this blog sometimes and I don't think she would appreciate me sharing her exact age. ;))

She is such a wonderful person. She has taught me so much about life and that I should go after my dreams no matter what!

I inherited her curly brown hair and when I was little we looked identical. I would see a picture of her and think it was me. We are a lot alike in our mannerisms and the way we approach certain situations.

She is a sassy lady who won't take crap from anyone, except maybe my grandma.
She makes fun me on the regular, but it's totally okay. I get back at her sometimes.

I love this pretty girl so much and I'm so glad it's her birthday so I can give her more gifts!!

Happy birthday momma!! I love you!!!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

10 Months!

10 months ago, on October 14,  Zach proposed. In 10 months, on June 14, we will be getting married!!
That's 304 days away! Less than a year!

I'm SOOOO freaking excited!!!

And I feel like we have a lot done!

Here is what we have completed:
-Booked our venues
-Booked our caterer
-My grandma is doing our flowers
-I have my dress (!!!)
-We have our bridal party
-Two of Zach's groomsmen are doing our engagement photos
-A friend of ours is making our cake
-We had our "engagement party"
-I've started getting supplies for our centerpieces (I'm making them)
-We're in the process of booking our photographer

This is what says we need to have finished by our 9th month before the wedding:
-Get in wedding day shape: workin' on it!
-Look for a ceremony officiant
-Start guest list: Zach has one started on his computer and he says he has over 100 people already
-Plan reception menu
-Create wedding website: not finished, but you can see the work in progress here!
-Make a list of family wedding customs you want to incorporate
-Finalize your guest list
-Look for reception bands or DJs
-Research lighting and rental places in your area: we have to rent chairs for our ceremony
-Envision your invitations and stationery
-Plan out the ceremony with the officiant and include religious requirements
-Start registering at favorite stores

That's a lot completed, right? I mean, we still have 10 months to go. Or am I just a little too confident?
Oh, well.
I just know that I'm freakin' excited!!!

I can't wait until our wedding day and seeing everything come together! :):):)

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Spontaneous Date Night

Zach and I usually aren't spontaneous. We usually have a plan at least the day before.

But last night was different. 
Yesterday morning I woke up without any plans to go anywhere except to run a few errands. Around lunch time, Zach called me and asked what my plans were for the rest of the day. (I had already ran that morning and started laundry.) I said I was probably just going to relax and watch TV or movies or something low key. We continued a random conversation and hung up. 10 minutes later he called me back and said I should come over and we could go and set up our wedding savings. I thought that was a great idea. The little bit we had saved had been in my wallet for weeks because we could never find time to hang out when the bank was open.

So I went over to his house after he got off work and we left. When we got there, we went into an office with a representative. The whole process took about 20 minutes, which isn't bad, but the girl helping us was really nice and liked our quirkiness.

Afterwards I felt relieved because I didn't have to carry the money anymore and we finally had an account just for the wedding.

See? Quirky.

When we left the bank, we went to a few other places then dinner. The whole hour we were at these places we were talking about where to get dinner. I finally mentioned Chipotle and Zach said no, but mentioned Hot Head. He's not a fan of Chipotle, but didn't mind Hot Head. I've never had Hot Head so I said sure.

I got a bowl with spicy chicken, corn, white rice lettuce and cheese. And let me tell you, the spicy chicken was just enough spice that I definitely was glad I didn't get a sauce. I think that would've been too much spice. But I did enjoy it.

At dinner, we were talking about different wedding things that we want to get nailed down in the next couple of months, so I created a Wedding To Do list on my phone. (I love the notepad on my iPhone, by the way.) I've only added a couple of things, but I know that list is just going to get longer as time goes on until our wedding day. :) (By the way, tomorrow is 10 months until our big day!!!)
After dinner, we went to Meijer because I wanted ice cream. (Jamie, I was eating my ice cream when I saw your post on Instagram. ;)) Zach didn't want any so it was just me feeling fat in the ice cream aisle as I decided what I wanted. I picked chocolate because they were out of my usual cookies and cream. We then we headed back to Zach's where I ate my ice cream and we cuddled.

I pulled out my phone while we were cuddling and got some randoms of the two of us.
I love Zach and his goofy faces. And I can't wait until we can cuddle every night!
Was your Monday night spontaneous? :)

P.S. All my photos can be found on my Instagram

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I haven't done one of these in awhile so here you go! :)

1. I was told I have a drinking problem. ;)
2. The cake I got on my last day at TJ Maxx.
3. Glass bottles anyone?
4. The one fish is missing a fin!
5. Celebrated this guy's birthday!
6. I want this cube table thing.
7. My great aunt made this little bouquet with my wedding colors!
8. Getting my run on!
9. I love strawberries and whipped cream!
10. I just about died laughing at this. I could see my mom doing this to me.
11. Coffee date...
12. ...with my Sabrina!
13. Marshall's hooked me up with new Bengals gear just in time for football season!

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GFC Lovin

Monday, August 5, 2013


Oh Mondays, you always seem to come too soon. 
But I can't complain, because I have today off!

Working retail has it's benefits, like being off during the week, but then the down side to that is working weekends...
Which is what I did all weekend.
And now my feet hurt. 
They were feeling a lot worse last night, but they still hurt this morning.
I finally bought some comfortable shoes, but I need to break them in first before I spend 8 hours working in them.
So that is my plan today.
While I'm spending my day off cleaning (my bedroom, laundry, litter box, car?), I'll be wearing my shoes in hopes of being able to wear them to work tomorrow. Sound good? I thought so too.

I have no idea where I wanted this post to go, but hey, everyone is a little random sometimes, right?

Happy Monday!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Running for the Wedding

As you know, I'm getting married next year. Yay!
As you may or may not know, I have my wedding dress! 
It's too small.
 But you can't pass up a gorgeous dress for $40! Right? Or am I crazy?

Well, I guess I'm crazy, but I LOVE my dress! And I have tried on other dresses, but I didn't find anything I liked more than my dress.

So how am I going to fit into my dress?
I've come up with a couple of ways.
Joining a gym or running.

Well, I don't really want to pay for a gym membership, so I'm running.

Thanks to Nicole, I downloaded the C25K app on my phone.

And I love it!

I started it last Wednesday and I'm trying to do it every other day. 
It starts with a 5 minute warmup walk, and then it alternates between jogging and walking for 20 minutes.
The app tells you when to start jogging/walking, and when you're halfway there.
I feel like it's a great motivator.
1. I got excited when it said I was halfway there.
2. I felt accomplished when I got to the cooldown walk.

One thing I love about this app is that it's free!
It's only 8 weeks long, but there are other apps I can download after I finish this one!

Now I'm going to do Day 5!

What did you do to fit into your wedding dress?

Disclaimer: I was not paid or compensated for this post. I am simply writing my opinion of the app because I want to.