Wednesday, August 14, 2013

10 Months!

10 months ago, on October 14,  Zach proposed. In 10 months, on June 14, we will be getting married!!
That's 304 days away! Less than a year!

I'm SOOOO freaking excited!!!

And I feel like we have a lot done!

Here is what we have completed:
-Booked our venues
-Booked our caterer
-My grandma is doing our flowers
-I have my dress (!!!)
-We have our bridal party
-Two of Zach's groomsmen are doing our engagement photos
-A friend of ours is making our cake
-We had our "engagement party"
-I've started getting supplies for our centerpieces (I'm making them)
-We're in the process of booking our photographer

This is what says we need to have finished by our 9th month before the wedding:
-Get in wedding day shape: workin' on it!
-Look for a ceremony officiant
-Start guest list: Zach has one started on his computer and he says he has over 100 people already
-Plan reception menu
-Create wedding website: not finished, but you can see the work in progress here!
-Make a list of family wedding customs you want to incorporate
-Finalize your guest list
-Look for reception bands or DJs
-Research lighting and rental places in your area: we have to rent chairs for our ceremony
-Envision your invitations and stationery
-Plan out the ceremony with the officiant and include religious requirements
-Start registering at favorite stores

That's a lot completed, right? I mean, we still have 10 months to go. Or am I just a little too confident?
Oh, well.
I just know that I'm freakin' excited!!!

I can't wait until our wedding day and seeing everything come together! :):):)

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