Monday, August 5, 2013


Oh Mondays, you always seem to come too soon. 
But I can't complain, because I have today off!

Working retail has it's benefits, like being off during the week, but then the down side to that is working weekends...
Which is what I did all weekend.
And now my feet hurt. 
They were feeling a lot worse last night, but they still hurt this morning.
I finally bought some comfortable shoes, but I need to break them in first before I spend 8 hours working in them.
So that is my plan today.
While I'm spending my day off cleaning (my bedroom, laundry, litter box, car?), I'll be wearing my shoes in hopes of being able to wear them to work tomorrow. Sound good? I thought so too.

I have no idea where I wanted this post to go, but hey, everyone is a little random sometimes, right?

Happy Monday!


Susannah said...

Yay for new shoes and days off. Boo for working weekends. ;-)

Rachael SparkFire said...

Random posts are good! :) You need one of those comfy orthopedic mats that surgeons use to stand on for being on their feet all day!

As you asked before, I am attending Gannon Univeristy for nursing in PA! I can't wait for my degree! And your mermaid banner suggestion was AWESOME! You can take credit for the suggestion because it might happen!