Thursday, October 24, 2013

Grecian Goddess?

A few weeks ago, my MOH and I went to a bridal salon and tried on many bridesmaid dresses. I wanted to go with just her and narrow it down to just a few out before taking my whole, as she called it, "entourage". So we narrowed it down to 3 2 styles.

The other night, I got all my girls together and we all went and choose one style for the wedding.
Style 1: This dress came in a short style and a long style, so there were enough to get everyone in a dress. If this dress was chosen, we would go with the short style. I said that to the group and my MOH said, "What, you don't want us to look like Grecian Goddesses?" We all chuckled.
Style 2: This dress only came in this style, because of it's uneven hemline, so they only had 3 to try on. (Sorry about the stickers, but none of them were ready for me to take a picture.)

The 3rd style no one tried on. It was a short spaghetti strap dress with a balloon hemline made of satin. I wanted something more flowy like the other two, so I nixed it.

Which one do you like?

Which one did we choose?

Is the suspense killing you?

Can I ask you anymore questions?

Okay, I'm done.










And we chose




But we're going green. No one ordered their dress last night, but when they do I can't wait to see them in my color in PERSON!!! I'm so stinking excited!! 

I've also decided we all need to get together more often as a group. And I think they would agree. :)


Karla said...

Nice! I like number 2! =)
Can't wait to see what color green they are!

Pleas(e) and Carrots said...

Very pretty!! Yay!

Brandy said...

Yay! I LOVE style number two! Can't wait to see them in green!

Susannah said...

I have to say, #1 was my favorite. BUT... #2 is super cute too!!! :-)

Lin said...

I like #2...but the hemline not so much. Either way, it's gonna look great in green!