Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Christmas, then Thanksgiving

Yep. We're that family. The ones that decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving.

But, we have a tradition to uphold. My dad and stepmom got married 18 years ago yesterday. And since then, we've always put up the Christmas tree on their anniversary.

We were all decorating and talking about different things when my sister said we should sing to the tree like they do in Charlie Brown.

So my dad grabbed my sister and they starting "oooohing" at the tree. 

The tree in all it's finished glory before the angel. Both my brother and sister tried to put up the angel.

But my sister succeeded. Then we all decided to watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.

Do you have any holiday decorating traditions?

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Dinner with Granny

Brandy, being the awesome blogger that she is, tagged me in a 5 Things tag and I am so excited! I used to do question/survey things all the time back when Myspace was still popular. 

Here are her questions for me:
1. If you could have dinner or hang out with any 3 people, dead or alive, who would you choose?
I would choose my granny, my grandma, and my mom. My granny died when I was 5, but I would love to get to know her more now that I’m an adult. And I know that the four of us would have a great time chatting and catching up with each other.
My grandma, me and my mom.

2. What is one (or more) song(s) or song lyric(s) that has meaning to you?
I honestly don’t know of any songs or lyrics that have meaning to me.

3. Is there anywhere you would love to vacation or visit but have not or will not? If so, where and why?
I want to go to Europe. I just need to save enough money to travel to the different countries I want to go to. And get a passport. And save enough money for Zach to go with me.

4. If you could choose (with money not being a factor) what career or job would you love to do or attempt to do?
I would love to work in graphic design. I think it would be neat to be “behind the scenes” per se, of a website. I would also love to be a candy maker like Willy Wonka. How cool would that be?!

5. What 5 songs will you never get tired of hearing? Any particular reason?

This is a tough one. Because Christmas is right around the corner, I’m going to say seasonal songs. Like the *NSYNC Christmas album.  

The week of Christmas this CD usually goes on repeat in my car until after all of my Christmas celebrations have passed. Or any of the “good” versions of Christmas songs. Like Nat King Cole. Or Bing Crosby. You know, the good ones.

And now I get to tag bloggers to answer my questions! I tag:
Jessica @ You Are My Color
Nicole @ Grub N Marriage
and anyone else who wants to participate!

My questions are:
1. Who in your life do you look up to most and why?
2. What was your favorite movie growing up? Why was it your favorite? Do you still like to watch it today?
3. What is your opinion of Christmas music? When do you start listening to it, if at all?
4. What do you look forward to most on Thanksgiving? Why?
5. If you could go anywhere in the world, money not being an issue, where would it be and why?

Happy Sunday!!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Are you non-traditional?

Zach and I aren't really traditional.
We pay for our own food when out to eat.
I drive more than he does.
I'm an independent person.

We also plan to live together before we get married, and last week we went and looked at a few apartments.
The only pictures I got that day and it was rainy.

The first place we looked at was a 2 bedroom townhouse. We liked that it had an enclosed patio, the complex was nice, and it was in our price range, but we weren't big fans of the floor plan, and to get a washer/dryer hookup the rent would have been at the top of our budget.

The second place we looked at was also a 2 bedroom townhouse. We liked the price and every apartment had a w/d hookup, but we would have to pay EVERYTHING and the complex looked a little rough.

The third place we looked at was a 2 bedroom apartment. This one is at the top of our list currently. We really like the floor plan, the price is right where we want it and we only have to pay DP&L, outside our rent. Plus there are so many more amenities. The whole complex is surrounded by trees and it is kind of hidden off the road, so it's difficult to find, unless you're looking for it. The floor plan we want doesn't come with a w/d hookup, but this place offers so much, I'm totally okay going to their onsite laundry facility to do my laundry. The other downside to this place? We have to go on a waiting list. The list they had when we were there didn't have any vacancies through January. Bummer, but it does give us more time to save money and such.

We do plan on looking at other complexes to see what's out there, but we're both really excited to start this new chapter in our lives. I wonder if any of the other complexes we look at can compete with our favorite right now...

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Disney Funnies

I saw this on Facebook and made me chuckle. And I also didn't really have any post ideas last night, so yeah. There's that. ;)

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Christmas for Friends

Yesterday, Erin Sallie posted about Christmas budgets and tools to use and such, and it got me thinking.
Zach and I have already figured out our gifts for our families. But what about friends? Coworkers?

Usually, I get my family figured out and I forget about my friends and coworkers until the last minute. This year is different. So much will be going on between now and Christmas that I'm really trying hard to plan as much as possible.

So what gifts do you give to friends and coworkers for Christmas?

Here are some of my ideas:
Gift cards: This is super easy. You could give their favorite store or restaurant, and you know they'll love it.

Gift bags: I like doing this for my girlfriends. I usually include little items such as travel lotion, lip gloss, $10 to Starbucks, a small candle, or really anything you wanted to give. I've also themed them before, such as making it coffee themed with a small thing of coffee, a mug, etc.

Ornaments: If you give them the gift before Christmas, they can put the ornament on their tree this year, versus waiting until next year. Hallmark ornaments are a great idea, and most of them are below $20.

Trinkets: This is a great idea for someone who collects things. For example, I love mermaids and I collect them.

DIY: If you are the creative type, making gifts is always a great option. The gifts become more personal and thoughtful and depending on what you make, they can be pretty inexpensive.

Baked goods: Who doesn't love Christmas cookies? Or brownies? Or anything food related? This is always, always, ALWAYS a great idea! Your friends may not like you if they're on a diet, but this is always a win for everyone!

What have you given to friends and coworkers in the past? Any other gift ideas? Leave a comment below!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

November 5th

"Remember, remember!
The fifth of November
The gunpowder treason and plot
I know of no reason
Why gunpowder and treason
Should ever be forgot!"

This is the status Zach always posts on November 5th.
And has posted it every year for as long as we've been together.

So for this super short post, I leave you with this:

Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween Buckeyes

My weekend? Low key. Which is perfectly fine. :)

Zach and I got to spend time with just each other on Friday night. All we did was hang out at his house and relax.
He got us Halloween buckeyes and relived his brother and sister-in-law's baby shower. 

Saturday, I worked all day.

Sunday I was off, but my adorable nephew was over and we had a little photo shoot.
Excuse my no make up-ness, and my iPhone photos, but that's all I had at my disposal when he said he wanted to take pictures.

He also had this small conversation with my stepmom:
Grandma: "How do you know you're not a girl?"
Nephew: "Because. Girls have lots of hair and boys don't."

Love that kid. He's going to be 5 on Christmas Eve!! I can't believe it! He's getting so big! I can't imagine how I'm going to feel when it's my own child turning 5.

Sami's Shenanigans

How was your weekend?

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Hello November

I love this link up and I'm sad that I missed it yesterday. Lucky for me, Allison keeps it open for a couple days so I'm able to link up today!
Nestful of LOve
Hello, November. Goodbye, October.
Hello, Thanksgiving. Goodbye, Halloween.
Hello, falling leaves. Goodbye, full trees.
Hello, Christmas ads.
Hello, 5 and a half year anniversary!

Friday, November 1, 2013

A Double Date

I'm telling you, my weekend was packed. It's Friday, and I'm just now going to finish my weekend recap. 

Monday night, Zach and I planned a double date with the newly engaged couple. We ordered pizza, put in a few movies, and played Rockstar Life.
After we had finished our game, we were watching Halloween and Zach had to use the restroom. It was after midnight and we were on campus. I heard Zach talking to someone and I thought he ran into a classmate or a professor or something.


He ran into our friend Wyatt.
Wyatt, our official date crasher. He was there to write a paper for his class and he wasn't going to leave until after he finished. (I think I heard he stayed up all night writing his paper that night.) 

All in all, it was a good night with great friends.