Saturday, December 14, 2013

182 Days

I can't believe it.
It's been 14 months since Zach asked me to marry him.
And now we only have 6 months to go!
Half a year!
26 weeks!
182 days!

Okay, I'm done.
Moving on....

14 months is a long time to plan things, and we've got so much accomplished!
Here is our completed list:
-Bridal Party
-Have an "engagement party"
-Pre marriage classes
-Wedding dress
-Bridesmaid dresses
-Engagement photos
-Save the dates
-Guest List

That's a lot, right? I thought so. :)

Well here's our to do list (now thru February):
-Book our honeymoon
-Book cake baker
-Send save the dates (will be done this month!)
-Finalize dinner menu for reception
-Plan rehearsal dinner
-Decide/Rent men's formalwear
-Rent chairs for ceremony
-Book wedding night room
-Order/Address invitations

Not much for the next two months. After Christmas work is going to slow down so I have my free time back so I'll be able to refocus on the wedding and maybe get ahead on our to do list? That'd be great!

Happy Saturday!

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Laurie @ Disney 'n Diapers said...

We were engaged for 4 years! Ha! Looks like you are making great time on getting stuff done. So excited for you! I love weddings!