Wednesday, January 29, 2014

5 Minute Post

Because I've been working like crazy and extremely tired, I haven't really had the time to put into coherent blog posts. 
But I thought I would share a couple of links with you.

Jess at Pleas(e) and Carrots has some great things going on over on her blog:
1. Today she has her sidekicks doing a group post about how to keep warm, including your's truly!
2. Yesterday she posted about the local product swap and where to sign up!
You should sign up! We might be partnered up!

Click on over to Jess' blog and check out all the greatness!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My Trying Week

It's only Tuesday and this week has already been trying.
I'm currently working my 4th open to close in row, and I'm really trying hard to hold true to my number one goal of the year.
I don't feel it is my place to discuss what is going on with my coworkers, but I've been hard at working thinking of all the positive things going on.
1. As of right now, I'm going to have an awesome paycheck in two weeks. I'm paid hourly, and if I work the rest of my scheduled shifts this week, I will be making some serious overtime!
2. I haven't been working completely by myself. Having a part timer working in the middle of the day, really makes it much easier to work open to close.
3. It's been really slow at the outlet mall, so I've been able to get a lot done in the store, as well as catch up on reading blogs and my book.
4. It has been extremely cold, but I'm so thankful my car has stuck it out all winter long, and has driven the 45 minute commute like a champ!
5. We've been lucky to not have any pipes bust this winter at home or at work.
6. We've also been lucky to not have our electric go out because of the extreme cold, at home or at work.
7. Life is beautiful and there is always a silver lining in every situation.

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Friday, January 24, 2014


Hello my lovely readers! It's Friday and I'm not here! I'm over at Sara's blog doing a short interview and you should go read it! And check out Sara's blog. She's awesome!
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Thursday, January 23, 2014


1. Festive at work for the holidays.
2. Sissy and I on Christmas.
3. Zach and I's first couple ornament from my momma.
4. Baby Seester and I on Christmas.
5. Bubs got his letterman's jacket for Christmas.
6. Zach and I will be dancing the night away with our friends and family in just 142 days! Eeep!
7. New Year's celebration at our friend's house.
8. Zach and I on New Year's Eve.
9. Spending my day off glad I wasn't out driving.

1. Princess in her new Nerf goggles.
2. Girl with a weapon.
3. Zach and I got our Christmas stockings on clearance!
4. I downloaded and printed my camera manual.
5. Zach is my Wild Winger.
6. I was the only one who had to be up early the next day and the only one awake finishing the end of Titanic.
7.  My wedding to do list I want to finish in the next week.
8. My new Naked palette!!
9. Zach and I have cat toys for our future furchild.

1. My wild Saturday night: riding along with the fam on snowy highways.
2. The snow at the outlet mall had melted to almost nothing and our house was still in winter wonderland.
3. Oreo acting like a cat.
4. The forecast being wrong again.

Are we friends on Instagram? If not, we need to change that! 
Come find me! My username is jjessicar!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Locally Owned

Yesterday, Jess posted about this awesome idea and I thought I would spread the word!
Starting next week there will be signups for bloggers who want to participate!
What happens is each blogger will be matched with another blogger and you send each other stuff that is only available locally!
How cool is that?!
If you're interested, go here and read the rules, then keep watching Jess' blog for more information about signups!
Maybe you and I could be partnered up! :) 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

25 Days to Go!!

Yesterday was a good day. No, it was a great day! 

Zach and I took an important step in our adult lives and signed our apartment lease!
I am SOOO excited, you guys!!!

The man that went over our lease with us really took time to explain just about every little detail in it. 
It was nice to see him take that much time to go over it and answer any questions Zach and I may have had.

Our address is in there and after we were finished, Zach and I walked around and found where our apartment is.
The front of our building. 
The side of our building. We're going to be in the top right apartment.
We'll be in apartment 223.
There are people still living in our apartment until the end of the month, so we can't see it until after they move out and the maintenance staff does what they need to do.

Afterwards, we decided to go to TJ Maxx and see what they had in the way of bathroom stuff. (Of everything we have, we don't have anything for the bathroom.) 
Me being the picky person I am, I didn't see anything I liked for a good price, so Zach suggested Target.
We went to Target to find they're having a sale on almost everything for the home. And all their solid color towels were $4 each! Score!
We got 3 different colors, some washcloths, and hand towels.
Then we looked at shower curtains and I found this one on clearance and it matched!

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know we also scored a crock pot for $10.48 at Target last week. 
Here's the story: We looked at the crock pots and all the 4-quart ones were on sale for $24.99. This one is a 5-quart one and it was on sale for $19.99. We grabbed it because it was the only one (and it had the pretty pattern) and when we checked out, it rang up for $10.48.

Let me tell you, Target has been my best friend when it comes to getting things for our apartment.
I can't wait to move in and make the apartment our own!!
Only 25 days to go!!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Life Randoms

Today is a my day off, and it's full of randomness. I have random errands to run, random places to call, and random things to do. So I thought I would do a list for you of all the randoms going on in my life.

1. Today is my brother's 15th birthday. And in just 6 months, he'll be anxious to get his temps. Happy birthday Noah!
circa 2013
2. Zach and I start our pre-marriage stuff tonight! Yay! We were supposed to start last Monday, but it was canceled because of the weather.
3. I've been watching Boy Meets World a lot. I'm almost finished with season 3.
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4. I finally have plans to see my friends for coffee this week! I haven't seen them in almost two months!
5. I bought this new curl cream and tried it out yesterday and I love it!
I forgot to get a picture of my hair yesterday, but the next time I use it, I will Instagram it!

6. And the last random: Zach and I are moving next month!! I am so excited! Both of us have started to pack up our rooms and Zach said it doesn't even look like he's made any progress. So if any of you want to make the trek to Dayton, we're paying in pizza and beer. No? Okay. At least I tried.
7. No Spend January is going pretty well. Unfortunately everything I use on a daily basis has decided to run out this week, so I've spent more money than I wanted to with this paycheck.

How has your life been?

Friday, January 10, 2014


Everyone seems to have goals for this new year.
And I'm no different.
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This year is going to be a busy year for me (only 155 days to go!), so I don't have that many goals for the year.
1. Be positive: I blogged about this a couple weeks ago, about how I wanted this to be my number one goal and my word for the year.
2. Better my photography skills: I also blogged about how I'm learning my camera, and with that I want to better my skills.
3. Don't stress about the small things: I'm a perfectionist and if one little thing is out of whack, it drives me nuts! I really want to learn to not worry about little things, especially when it comes to the wedding. I just want to enjoy our big day and not worry about whether or not the centerpieces are exact and whatnot. I just have to remember that at the end of the day Zach and I will be married and on our way to our honeymoon!
4. Grow and redesign my blog: After the wedding, I plan on changing my blog name and design, and I eventually want to start accepting sponsors.
5. Change my lifestyle: I really need to start eating right ALL the time versus SOME of the time, and working out and exercising more. And I want to stick to this even after the wedding.
6. Read 10 new books: The past two years, I've made it a goal to read all my unread novels. Both years I've failed, so this year, I made it a number that was easier to aim for. Does any one know how to get a book goal thing on your sidebar?

I'm pretty excited about my goals this year. Well, I'm really excited about this year in general. 
What are your goals this year?

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Learning My New Camera (Finally)

A few years ago, Zach got me a new camera for my birthday.
circa 2010
I wanted a nicer camera than a point and shoot, so Zach and his dad scoured the internet for a nice one for me. His dad bought one just like mine a few weeks prior. They ended up finding this one unused on Ebay, but it didn't have a box or the manual. 
It obviously has an automatic setting, so every time I've used it I just kept it on automatic.

The other day I decided I want to learn more about my camera, so I went online and found the manual for my camera and printed it. All 123 pages of it.

While it was printing, I decided to play around a little bit with the other settings and captured these shots.
Isn't she cute? She's going to be my model as I learn more about my camera.

And anyone who has any photography skills or advice to tell me would be greatly appreciated! :)

Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas with Family and Friends

I finally went through all my Christmas pictures and that is why it has taken me until now to tell you all about it!
Zach and I had 5 different Christmases to go to on Christmas Day and they started at 7am at my mom's house.
1. Mom's Christmas tree 2. Zach and I's first couples ornament 3. Bubs got his varsity jacket 4. Zach and I
The next place we went to was my Grandma's house.
1. Grandma's Christmas tree 2. Sissy and I 3. My grandma, the elf 4. Grandpa opening his gift from me 5. Grandma and I wearing our Christmas socks 6. My mom and stepdad
My grandma's Christmas decorations she's had for as long as I can remember.
1. Her ceramic tree and toys 2. Her village 3. Her marching band 4. Her ceramic Santa Claus, Snowman, and Mrs. Claus
After that we went to Zach's grandpa's house, then his dad's house.
1. Christmas tree 2. Our niece reading 3. Our niece opening our gift to her 4. Zach wearing tissue paper
After we left his dad's house, we went to our last stop at my aunt's house.
1. Christmas tree 2. Seester and I 3. Dad and his girls 4. Getting ready to open gifts
The annual Puterbaugh family picture
Christmas day was so busy but so great. I love all the time I get to spend with my family and Zach's family. 
And our celebrations didn't stop there.

The day after Christmas my dad's family celebrated.
1. Christmas tree 2. Nephew! 3. Grandma got a new hat 4. A family tree gift for my grandma
A few days after that Zach and I got together with a few friends at Milano's and exchanged gifts with each other.
1. Presents! 2. Bridgette's elf joined us 3. Chris reading his gift from Zach 4. Bridgette gave me a pretty new scarf and an awesome double wall cup
Just this past Saturday I finally got to see my good friend and her daughter after a couple months of our schedules conflicting with each other and we exchanged our gifts.
1. Girl is smokin'! 2. Belle just hanging out under the wrapping paper 3. My new Best Friends ornament 4. Girl with a weapon.
Let me tell you, I feel so blessed! I have the best family and greatest friends a girl could ask for. I love that I got spend time with everyone. I still have two friends I haven't seen that have gifts for, but I can't wait until we can meet up!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

No Spend January

A couple weeks ago Erin mentioned on Twitter something about doing a "No Spend January". She asked if other bloggers would be interested if it became a link up and of course I said yes! The link up is February 4 and I'm hoping to link up with great results!

Now that January is here, I thought I would share with you all my plans for this month. 

I won't be able to fully not spend money. There are things that are going on this month, so I'm budgeting for them as well. The only things I plan on purchasing include:
-Gas for my car
-Bathroom necessities
-My brother's birthday gift
-A hair trim
-Dinner/coffee with friends that I haven't seen in awhile

My budget for non-necessary items are:
$25-My brother's birthday gift
$5.99-A hair trim (only if Great Clips has their $5.99 sale)
$50-Dinner/coffee with friends that I haven't seen in awhile

I'm really excited and I hope to save lots of money!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hello 2014

Hello 2014, Goodbye 2013!

Hello wedding year!
Only 163 days to go!
Hello sodaless life, goodbye soda.
Hello new apartment, goodbye parent's house.

Hello new goals, goodbye old goals.
Hello no spend January (and hopefully other months also!), goodbye frivolous spending.
Hello wedding countdown!
Hello healthier lifestyle, goodbye tons of junk food.
Hello being Mrs. Moore!

Hello new year and adventures!

You're going to be great!

Nestful of LOve