Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Meet Sebastian!

I have to be honest.

I haven't had any motivation to blog in the last couple of weeks, for a few reasons.
1. Work. We currently only have 2 managers with keys, which means we're both working maximum hours and sometimes open to close, and 6 days a week. Our third manager is being trained and will have her keys in a couple weeks. I'm just so tired when I come home from work, and I just want to go to bed, or lay on the couch doing nothing.

2. The apartment. As you know, Zach and I moved in together a couple of weeks ago, and we're still slowly unpacking those miscellaneous boxes, while constantly running to the store for something we don't have but need for the apartment. Right now, all of my movies are in a box in the living room because we don't have a shelf for them. And we're still adjusting to living together. So far it's going well, but it's only been 2 weeks...

Fortunately, when our third manager gets her keys, my work schedule is going to slow down, and I will have more free time, so hopefully you'll see more posts from me!

Until then, meet Sebastian!
Zach and I adopted him shortly after we moved in and he is the sweetest kitty. He doesn't like to be held, but he loves attention! He's very talkative and loves cat toys. And he's only 9 months old.

You can see more pictures of Sebastian on Instagram! My username is @jjessicar!
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