Monday, April 14, 2014

A Couple of Months...

...until I get to wear a big white dress.
...until my friends dress alike.
...until my dad sees me and my sisters for the first time in our attire.
...until my best friend carries an extra bouquet.
...until I read from a piece of paper.
...until Zach and I go half the day without seeing each other.
...until I become a Mrs.
...until Zach and I say "I Do".

Just 2 MONTHS until the big day!
2 months!!!
I'm so stinkin' excited!!

I haven't done one in awhile, so I'm going to leave you with a list of wedding to-dos we've completed and to-dos that need done.

Here's what we've finished:
-Bridal Party
-Have an "engagement party
-Pre marriage classes
-Wedding dress
-Bridesmaid dresses
-Engagement photos
-Save the dates
-Guest list
-Invitations (we've already received a lot of RSVPs!)
-Cake (you'll never guess where it's coming from)
-Rehearsal dinner (Marion's!)
-Men's formalwear
-Chairs for ceremony
-Linens for reception
-Wedding rings (we have Zach's and mine's been shipped!)
-Bridal shower (I need to blog about this)

This is what we have left to do before the end of May:
-Buy wedding party gifts
-Buy under the dress essentials and shoes
-Plan wedding day transportation
-Send shower thank-you notes
-Write/finalize wedding vows
-Get a guestbook
-Have hair trial
-Ceremony programs
-Finalize ceremony details
-Get marriage license (!!!!!)
-Create weekend timeline

You guys. 
I feel like this is a dream. 
I can't believe Zach and I will be HUSBAND AND WIFE.

Ahhh!!!! :)


Pleas(e) and Carrots said...

So exciting!! It's so soon!

Erin LFF said...

Okay Sooooo I've been terrible at blog reading, BUT HOLY COW! 2 months?! That is sooo soon, yay!! :) I already cannot wait to see pictures of you in that big white dress!

Brandy said...

Ohh mannn!! Your checklist is getting smaller and smaller! YAYYY!! That's so exciting. I can't wait til the day comes!

Letters from a Mermaid said...

AHHHHH everything is coming along! you are going to make a beautiful bride and I cannot WAIT to see photos from after! I have no idea what your dress will look like!!!! :)