Thursday, April 16, 2015


Last Tuesday was my birthday! 
I turned the big ole 2-9!

I didn't do much for my birthday this year, except go out to dinner with a few friends. 
We went to Milano's and had fun just enjoying each other's company. 
My friend Danielle gave me a birthday gift and I loved the gift bag so much I took a picture of it.

She got me a bag of dark chocolate covered raspberries, a plastic mason jar cup, Yankee Candle scent beads for my desk at work, and some Yankee Candle car air fresheners. (She used to work at Yankee Candle and she still gets great deals sometimes.)

It was fun just relaxing with friends and good food.
The lighting was terrible so Danielle and I both look like we have a funky eyebrow.

Next year is my 30th birthday and I'm already starting to plan it!!
Anyone have any great ideas I need to work into my plans?

Monday, April 13, 2015

Fancy Date Night

Fancy dates are the best!

The Saturday that I worked, Zach and I had tickets to go the Wright State Arts Gala.

Zach rented a tux and I bought a fancy dress and I loved getting ready for it.

The Arts Gala had a silent auction, different theater shows, a symphonies, and lots of food and dessert. Everything was so nice! 
Zach and I walked through the silent auction a few times, saw the second half of  the wind symphony, saw a condensed version of Peter Pan, and saw 3 solos with the symphony orchestra. 
We also tested a few of the different food stations and had full plates of desserts!
I love the way this hall looks!
My studly date.

It was such a fun night! 
My feet hurt at the end of the night, but I didn't care. 

You can see more pictures here.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Old computer files

Do you ever just go through your computer seeing all the files on it and looking at random ones because you don’t know exactly what’s in them anymore?

Last Saturday was my first Saturday working. As you may know, I answer customer service calls for a local company and troubleshoot over the phone. Well, Saturdays are generally pretty slow, and I brought my computer with me to prepare some blog posts. I had one started and saved, so as I was pulling it up, I decided to see what other files I had and forgotten about.

Here’s what I have saved to my computer:
~Folder for the blog-when I think of something to post or come up with ideas while reading other blogs it’s easier to save them directly to my computer.
~Folder for recipes-any recipe I’ve retyped or been emailed is saved

~Address listings-addresses for the wedding, addresses for my bridal shower, addresses for Christmas cards, etc
~Chain notes saved from years past-Remember doing these on Myspace and tagging your friends?
~Lots of homework assignments from college-I even have separate folders for each class
~Friends’ resumes-apparently I’m good at proofreading people’s resumes
~Packing list-pretty generic and customizable for each trip I take

And this isn’t even a little bit of what I have saved to my computer.

Going through my files took me on a trip down memory lane. It makes me think of how much of my life is saved to this one little machine.

What do you have saved to your computer?

Friday, April 3, 2015

Blogging isn't easy

Blogging is not easy.

There, I said it.

Don't get me wrong, I love having my little piece of the internet, but if you couldn't tell by my absence, it's kind of hard to keep up with.
It probably doesn’t help that I work 11am-8pm Monday through Friday. I’m not much of a morning person so I sleep in everyday. But when I get home at 8:30, by the time I sit down and am ready to crank out some posts, it’s after 10. To create a post that’s not just me rambling, takes effort and time.
So, in an effort to get back to blogging regularly, my goal is to post at least once a week, whether it be a funny cat picture or to recap my whole weekend.
I miss you guys. I miss blogging. I just hate that it’s been pushed to the side for so long.
But! I have a small list of ideas for posts and I have already started writing a couple out!

Until next time!

all images via google