Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Old computer files

Do you ever just go through your computer seeing all the files on it and looking at random ones because you don’t know exactly what’s in them anymore?

Last Saturday was my first Saturday working. As you may know, I answer customer service calls for a local company and troubleshoot over the phone. Well, Saturdays are generally pretty slow, and I brought my computer with me to prepare some blog posts. I had one started and saved, so as I was pulling it up, I decided to see what other files I had and forgotten about.

Here’s what I have saved to my computer:
~Folder for the blog-when I think of something to post or come up with ideas while reading other blogs it’s easier to save them directly to my computer.
~Folder for recipes-any recipe I’ve retyped or been emailed is saved

~Address listings-addresses for the wedding, addresses for my bridal shower, addresses for Christmas cards, etc
~Chain notes saved from years past-Remember doing these on Myspace and tagging your friends?
~Lots of homework assignments from college-I even have separate folders for each class
~Friends’ resumes-apparently I’m good at proofreading people’s resumes
~Packing list-pretty generic and customizable for each trip I take

And this isn’t even a little bit of what I have saved to my computer.

Going through my files took me on a trip down memory lane. It makes me think of how much of my life is saved to this one little machine.

What do you have saved to your computer?

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