Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Wedding Day Jitters

Recently, I read the book By Invitation Only by Jodi Della Femina and Sheri McInnis. 
It's about a chef (Toni) who is forced to move back home after her restaurant fails and her boyfriend breaks up with her. Right after doing so her best friend (Layla) gets engaged. Throughout the book the narrator tells parts of the story through different characters' points of view. One of the points of view is the future mother-in-law (Didi) of Layla. I was reading one of the segments from Didi's point of view and she was reminiscing about getting ready for her wedding, specifically wedding day jitters. "Didi couldn't help it; she succumbed to the wedding day jitters she's been holding at bay since the engagement. She wasn't sure she loved Henry. She wasn't sure he loved her. Was she making a mistake?..." It goes in from there, but reading those couple of sentences got me thinking about my wedding day and my wedding day jitters. Zach and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary a month before our wedding. By the time our wedding finally got here, I was (and still am) absolutely certain of Zach's love for me and my love for him. We did the traditional no seeing or talking to each other before the wedding and because of that, the only wedding day jitters I had probably weren't even jitters. I just didn't like not knowing what he was thinking. For the last 6 years we knew each other's thoughts and actions, and not knowing his thoughts or feelings that day made me anxious. But the one thing I never doubted for a second was whether or not he would be at the end of the aisle. Seeing him for the first time that day waiting for me was probably the absolute best moment of the day. 

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Erin LFF said...

Such a sweet post!! And what a great pic of your hubby!!