Friday, November 20, 2015

Friday Letters

Dear mini vacation,
You have been so great. I've been able to sleep in, be lazy, paint my nails, and have a girls/movie day with my friend Bridgette. Today is going to be even better because we're going to spend the day in Cincinnati and meet up with another friend for dinner and drinks!

Dear Bridgette, 
Thanks for having a girls day with me. The movies were great and the facials were refreshing.

Dear Zach, 
Thanks for taking the day off work to spend it in Cincinnati.

Dear holidays,
I'm so excited you are right around the corner. This is one of my favorite times of the year where I get to see all my family and give gifts to those I love.

Dear weekend,
I hope you are great. We have the Moore Thanksgiving on Sunday, so I'll get to see all the nieces and nephews.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

I'm Thankful

Thanksgiving is next week!
I can't wait to see my family and enjoy some delicious food!

Because it's Thursday, and I know I won't be posting next Thursday, I wanted to show my thanks for some pretty important things in my life.

First and foremost, I am thankful for my family. Without them, I wouldn't be who I am today.
At the wedding, someone came up with the bright idea to get the entire family together for a photo.
He is my rock, my best friend, and my love. I can't imagine life without him by my side.

These three ladies are some of my closest friends and we can talk about anything, good, bad or ugly.

My kitties
These two can be quite the handful some days, but then when I see them napping all peaceful, they are quite adorable. They always know when you're down and love to be near you at all times, even if it's in the bathroom.

My job.
Without it I wouldn't be able to live my life or pay my bills or save up for fun trips or other fun things.

My health.
All too often we all take for granted our wonderful healthcare system and the ability to get relief quickly. I had a cold last week, and it was nice to be able to go to the drug store to get relief for my symptoms so I could make it through the work days.

My apartment.
I love being able to sleep in my bed or lounge around on my couch after a long day at work or busy and fun weekend without worrying about being cold or wet from the weather.

What are some of the things you're thankful for?

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Where have I been?

It seems as though my posts have been few and far between. 
I mean, my last post was almost 2 months ago and the one before that was 5 months ago. 

Well, I'm back! And I'm vacation for the rest of the week so I plan to get a few posts prepared!

I've been enjoying lots of time with family and friends doing various fun things!

October was a busy month. Almost every weekend we had something going on.
The second Saturday of every month is family dinner at my dad's house. We usually have dinner and play board game and enjoy each other's company. Last month instead of the board game, we went to a local corn maze and did the maze in teams of boys against girls.
The boys won, but only by a few minutes.

The next weekend we walked in our local Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk.
Our team raised a total of $4,800+ for the walk, and our team goal was $3,500.
We have so many ideas for fundraising next year so hopefully we can crush our goal again!

The next weekend, we joined a lot of my family in Michigan and celebrated my cousin marrying his middle school/high school sweetheart.
The ceremony was a beautiful and intimate catholic ceremony and the reception was in this rustic restored garage. It was perfect for their personalities.
They were both glowing and happy the whole night.

The next morning before driving back home, my aunt and uncle hosted a brunch. 
The restaurant was right on Lake Michigan so of course Zach and I stopped and got some photos.

The last weekend of October was Halloween, so we finished the month off right by carving pumpkins and dressing up!
My pumpkin is the cat.

I'm not sure what Zach was exactly, someone called him a Shakespeare play. 
I was Red Riding Hood, and our friend was Star Lord.

November's been a pretty low key month.
The first day of the month was the same day my brother-in-law and sister-in-law had a birthday party for all three of their boys. The twins' birthday is October 25, and their brother's birthday is November 2. 

The first Saturday we had family pictures with my mom and stepdad and siblings. 
The place we went to prints their photos on site. I didn't order any prints of Zach and I, but I was able to order my Christmas cards and get them the same day! 
Once I mail them out, I promise I share them with all of you. 

This past Saturday was family dinner.
My dad made his delicious pot roast and we played Cranium. 
Like my drawing of a wishing well?

I hope you're all having a great hump day!